Why Is Indian Food Not Spicy Enough

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There is no question about the spiciness of Indian food. But people in India are also very choosy about the kind of spices they want in their food. And when you think about it, spices are one of the reasons why Indian food is not enough for everyone who tries it. Here are some ways by which you can spice up your favorite Indian dishes without having to leave the house.

Use Condiments

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Use of condiments is one way to make your food a tad less spicy. This condiment serves two purposes. First, it adds a little bit of heat to your food. This is because when spices are heated, their molecules expand and spread out. By using them in small quantities in your food, you can make your food a little bit spicy without the need to burn your nostrils or taste buds.

Secondly, these condiments act as a preservative. Even if the food is hot, it does not mean that it would go bad. These little bits of spices in your food will retain the heat for a longer time and therefore retain the flavor for a longer time as well. The good thing is that you do not need to use a large quantity of these condiments because the little bits of them are more than enough. So keep this fact in mind.

Spices Are Also Used In Different Forms

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In the North, people use turmeric for adding color to food. Turmeric is a spice that is ground into powder form and mixed with water. You can add a little bit of turmeric to your food at room temperature and it will give it a little bit of color. It is a very popular spice in north Indian cuisine.

Then there is the red chili powder, which is ground and mixed with water and used for adding color to food. This spice is very common in the north and is preferred more than the others. The other spices include black pepper, cumin powder, cinnamon powder, cardamom, fennel powder and many more. These spices have their own special purpose and they are used by many restaurants across the world to prepare their food in an excellent way.

“Spice Is The God Of The Land”

There is also a very popular saying in north Indian cuisine “Spice is the God of the Land”. This originated in the state of Punjab and is related to the spices being used for preparing the food. If you keep this little quote in mind, it will definitely make your food taste that much better. The same saying is also true about using the right amount of spice in your food.

In the south, people prefer to use cumin, black pepper, coriander and turmeric powder. These are the most popular spices in this part of India. The main reason behind this is that these spices make the food delicious. As we know that every spice has its own power in enhancing the taste of food, so the usage of these spices also depends on the type of food that we want to prepare. You can add a little bit of these in some dishes but you should remember that too much of these should be avoided because it will spoil the taste of the whole meal.

Final Words

You will get a variety of Indian foods by visiting any of the restaurants that serve Indian food. It will be interesting to note that if you search the spices in the Middle East, you will find the use of coriander seeds and black pepper that make the food not spicy enough. Similarly in the west, saffron is widely used in the Indian food. All in all, Indian food will impress your taste buds once you try a little bit of it.

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