What Is The Mapo Tofu And How To Prepare It

What Is The Mapo Tofu And How To Prepare It

Tofu is considered one of the healthiest food ingredients in the world. Originally from China, you can find this bland and soft item in several Chinese dishes. The mapo tofu comes with ingredients that make the dish fragrant, tender, hot, and spicy.

Usually, Chinese food is not spicy. However, some of these ingredients are to enhance the flavor. One of them is mapo tofu. As you all know, tofu is made from bean curd and has several health properties.

What Is The Mapo Tofu And How To Prepare It

Tofu is generally recommended for people with health issues like diabetes and heart ailments. It comes with a wide range of health properties. However, if you are suffering from gout, then please avoid it.

Tofu is ideal for adults and kids. Nonetheless, they do not use the name Mapo Tofu often in China. So, let us find out what it is all about. The ingredients for this recipe are tofu, bean paste, sliced beef, Chinese red peppercorn, and sliced garlic.

You also need sliced spring onions, crushed ginger, starch water, and MSG. Since this is an authentic dish, you have to use the right ingredients to prepare it.

However, you must avoid very soft tofu in this recipe, as it can all fall apart. You definitely do not want that to happen. It should be firm and slightly tender, which is sufficient. The above-mentioned bean paste is from the Pixian region.

This is once more a Szechwan cuisine. Though you do not find it in many stores around America, you can order it online. You can also require the Lee Kum Kee chili bean sauce, which is good enough. Use a Wok, to begin with.

As we read often, the Chinese use the Wok for their cuisine. The deep pan retains heat and enables quick cooking. You have to put the pepper in the wok on high flame, without oil. Remove them after few minutes and crush them to a powder form.

What Is The Mapo Tofu And How To Prepare It

                          What Is The Mapo Tofu And How To Prepare It

Preparation Of The Mapo Tofu Recipe

You must cut the bean paste into small pieces. Now prepare the tofu. Cut the tofu to small cubes according to the shape and size that you want. Rinse the tofu with some hot water to remove the debris or other elements in it.

Anyhow, it becomes soft and tender. Pour some oil in the Wok and add the bean paste. Cook both the ingredients for a few minutes. After some time, you can place the sliced beef into the wok.

You then add the ginger, sliced spring onions, and garlic to the wok. Cook them for a few minutes. Lastly, you can add tofu and cooking wine, as well as sugar and soy sauce.

What Is The Mapo Tofu And How To Prepare It

What Is The Mapo Tofu And How To Prepare ItCover the wok and reduce the heat to medium flame? Cook it for few minutes. Now, add the MSG, water starch, and red pepper powder for a spicy taste. Though this dish might seem complicated for some of you, it is worth the time and effort.

Since it is a vegetarian dish, you can find its use in several recipes. Furthermore, tofu is soft and tender.. It is similar to that of fish. Therefore, if you want proteins and nutrients of fish, then you can consume it.

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