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Ways to Cook Less Spicy Indian Food

less spicy indian food

There is a great debate going on today, is Indian food less spicy or more spicy? Both sides have their points, but not everyone can agree. The debate has many twists and turns because of the use of spices in Indian cuisine. Spices are used to make food items spicy or mild. But, there is no single rule about how much you should add to make your food less spicy or more spicy.

Methods Of Traditional Indian Cooking

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In traditional Indian cooking, spices were used very sparingly. This is because they provided many health benefits as they were very healthy. Indians were always told to use little amounts of spices and leave them in food items instead of adding them unnecessarily. Hence, less spicy dishes were naturally less spicier. In more modern times, with the advent of refrigeration and other advancements in the cooking industry, Indian food has been made less spicy by using lots of fresh herbs and spices and few spices. This makes the food items palatable even for those with sensitive palates.

Various Kinds Of Curries

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It is the variety in Indian dishes which gives it the uniqueness of taste. You can get all sorts of dishes according to occasions. You can find creamy, spicy, pure and sour dishes. Also, there are various kinds of curries which make the entire Indian meal a mouth watering experience.

If we talk about taste, then there is nothing like an India cuisine with its mouth watering food and rich spices. The taste of the Indian food goes well with the type of occasion you attend. You can find many vegetarian foods that are acceptable to people with different dietary restrictions. Less spicy Indian dishes are also available for those who are health conscious.


There are people who feel that meat is the main ingredient of every dish. It is true that the spices play a vital role in making the taste better, but they are not the main taste maker. The taste can be enhanced by using a little amount of vinegar or lemon juice. For non-vegetarians, this is a great way to make the food palatable. Also, non-vegetarian food tends to be on the bland side so this is a good alternative to give the meaty taste to the dishes.

Spices also have their own fans in India. The North Indian dishes use a lot of the spice. The dishes named after a region or town show this influence. For example, you will find Punjabi food to be spicy whereas you will hardly find it in Punjab. In the state of Rajasthan, you will also find a lot of Tandoori chicken dishes. The Southern Indian cuisines also prefer the use of spices a little more.


The authentic Indian cuisine is full of flavor. It is one of the favorite cuisines of people all over the world. If you love Indian food, it would be better to learn how to cook Indian delicacies from an expert chef. He will surely help you master the art of cooking Indian delicacies. There are many Indian cooking schools that you can join to learn new techniques of Indian food.

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