Ultimate Spicy Spud Recipe


A finger-licking ultimate spicy spud recipe that is going to blow your minds with the perfection in its taste. It goes perfectly with the crunchy french bread.

Advantages of Ultimate Spicy Spud Recipe

This recipe is rich in vitamin C, which is good for your health.

It is an excellent fiber nutrient for your body.

The taste of this recipe is beyond words and healthy at the same time.

The kukoamines present in them also keep your heart healthy.

It’s a gluten-free recipe which makes it just perfect for consuming.

Potatoes are high in vitamins, potassium, and magnesium.

This recipe is a complete weight loss recipe with sweet potatoes.

Ultimate Spicy Spud Recipe

How Can You Make Full Use Of Ultimate Spicy Spud Recipe?

This recipe is free from gluten allows you to consume minimum calories per consumption. It is a healthy diet which is beneficial for your body and mind. Its finger-licking taste adds up to its consumption increase by everyone. You can make this recipe for your guests at home. You are going to surprise them with your talent after they consume this recipe. The best part about this recipe is that you can include some ingredients of your choice. Inclusion of those ingredients won’t change the taste of your primary method. Your guests will feel delightful to come over for lunch and dinner at your place. Anyone will compliment you for your this dish, and you will feel proud of yourself. It is a gluten-free recipe has its advantages for health.

Ultimate Spicy Spud Recipe

Ingredients For Ultimate Spicy Spud Recipe

Two peeled garlic cloves.

Half red onion.

One pound of grounded Italian sausage.

A total of ten peeled and cut into cubes large russet potatoes.

For taste some seasoned salt.

Half teaspoon of grounded black pepper fresh.

One tablespoon of cayenne pepper according to your taste preference.

One ( twelve ounces of fluid ) of evaporated milk.

One by four cup of butter.

One dried teaspoon of parsley.

Method Of Preparation

First Step

Blend your garlic and onion in a blender or a food processor. Now you need to heat a skillet with garlic and onion in it along with Italian sausage on medium heat. And then all you need to do is cook that Italian sausage until it turns pink.

Second Step

Now transfer that sausage mixture in another bowl after it gets cooked thoroughly. Potatoes need to be added along with water and then cover it. Stir them in seasoned salt and black pepper with cayenne pepper according to your taste preference. Bring them to boil and cook them until potatoes become tender and soft. All you need to do is add butter to them accompanied with evaporated milk and parsley. And finally, cook them until the butter melts to serve them hot with bread or crackers.

This dish will be loved by one and all the people who are health conscious as well as food lovers. All you need to do is serve your best recipe to your guests and family. It will make them happy, and you will be filled up with compliments.