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Top 5 Dishes To Try If You Search For Less Spicy Indian Food

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Indian cuisine does not need an introduction. Indian cuisine is a kaleidoscope of colours, flavours, textures, and aromas that have been curated over decades. Generations of Indian families have worked to make the cuisine what it is today by combining sustainability, climate, and flavour. The greatest thing is that it is still changing.

Unfortunately, Indian food is merely labelled as “spicy,” and while this image is shifting, the vast majority of people around the world prefer to deny themselves the opportunity to sample Indian cuisine simply because it is spicy!

Here’s a list of top five dishes to try if your search for less spicy Indian food

1.Malai Kofta 

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This Mughlai dish, which originated in North India, is one of the creamiest Indian curries you can eat without burning your tongue. One of the safest bets to devour with a roasted butter Naan is melt-in-your-mouth fried balls floating merrily in a gravy with a thick and creamy texture, thanks to some nuts and milk.

2. Vada

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It looks like an unglazed donut, but it’s simply a savoury snack made of legumes and potatoes. They’re usually mild and dense, so they’re a perfect breakfast to get you through the day. They also appear in another delectable dish called dahi vada, which consists of vadas soaked in a thick yoghurt sauce and is also a great choice for soothing your stomach.


Korma is a delectable dish that needs nothing in the way of spices. The word “Korma” originates in South Asia and is derived from the Turkish word “Kavurma,” which means “fried beef.” It’s a thick, smooth, and delectable dish made with copious amounts of coconut milk. This dish can be made with either lamb or chicken and served with naan or chapati. You will get a more personalised and balanced version of this delicacy if you dine at the best restaurant in Colorado Springs.


Idli, Dosa, and Uttapam are the best brunch foods in the world, and they’re eaten all over India but originated in the country’s southern states. While Idli is steamed, Dosa is pan roasted (like a crepe), and Uttapam is fried like a pancake, the batter for all three is the same. These are totally non-spicy and absolutely delicious when served with a number of different chutneys and sambars (curries).

5.Daal Makhani

Daal Makhani is a popular North Indian dish enjoyed by people all over the world. It’s a plain lentil curry with rajma (red kidney beans) served in a rich cream sauce with a sprinkling of butter on top. Because of the slow cooking, the taste is rich and smooth. Rice or roti are the perfect accompaniments to this Punjabi dish.


Think twice the next time you say no to an Indian meal because of the spices. These drool-worthy non-spicy Indian dishes are ready to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic experience!

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