Spicy Indian Food


The tongue is an involved muscle. Spicy Indian food is a favorite delicacy. It is made in such a way that it tells the human brain the type of food or taste a person feels. There are so many times of food, sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, etc. It does the work of transmitting the message signals of the tongue to the brain.

This work is done with the help of taste buds. The tongue is made up of small pores, called taste buds. These taste buds are the sensors of the taste which you feel. These are responsible for humans to feel the taste of whatever you eat.

Too Much Spicy Indian Food Ruin Your Taste Buds?
Too Much Spicy Indian Food Ruin Your Taste Buds?

Spicy Foods

Eating spicy food is the favorite choice of many. Tasty dishes has a fan following of its own. In countries like India or South Asian countries, the spice is trendy. It is an insignificant demand in India. People love to relish themselves with spicy dishes. There are several spices that bust out in your mouth once you eat them. But, does eating tasty recipes harm the taste buds?

The problem is, if you damage your taste buds, you will not be able to tell the feeling of anything which goes inside your mouth. This will become a big problem in life. So let’s have a look at it.

Studies On Taste Buds – Spicy Foods

One of the research of the year 2015 states that people who consume spicy more than five times a week have a fourteen percent chance of having a longer life. On the other hand, there was another 2015 case study, which stated that people, mainly white, had higher chances of getting their taste buds ruined as compared to Asians. This gets very confusing as to how can humans, in general, have different results on the same experiment.

The reason is, our body gets comfortable with anything and everything we put it through as spices are much more consumed in the Asian region as compared to any other part of the world. So, the Asian have the habit of consuming it since the time of their birth. Their body gets used to such taste, and nothing happens to it if they continue to consume it. 

Too Much Spicy Indian Food Ruin Your Taste Buds?
Too Much Spicy Indian Food Ruin Your Taste Buds?

Adaption By Human Body

On the other hand, people from the west are not in routine to have such spices. This will give their brain a shock if they consume a specific quantity of spices as their taste buds are not used to such thick flavors.

So, we can say that we can adapt anything and everything we put our bodies to. This is due to the quality of our body to adapt things quickly. So, the thing is we must not overdo anything as an excess of everything is bad for us and even our bodies. Anything done in a limit can be managed and adapted quickly. So, we can say that yes, overindulging into spices can hurt or ruin our taste buds, but this may vary from one individual to another.