The Ultimate In Chinese Cooking Kung Pao Chicken

To prepare this Chinese kung pao chicken successfully, you need to choose the right kind of meat. In a sense, this is a Szechwan specialty. In the Szechwan regions many people consume this dish.

They are also proud of it. Their cooking is quite similar to that of mainland China. However, in some of the dishes, they are particular on the meat parts that they eat. In the kung pao chicken recipe, they generally prefer the breast piece.


How You Can Prepare The Kung Pao Chicken


So, they usually need boneless chicken. It is a lot easier to eat food that way. In this recipe, you can use boneless chicken or the chicken breast piece. Whatever is suitable for you.

You have to cut the chicken breast pieces into equal shapes and slice it accordingly. Then, pickle the chicken with the help of some cooking wine, salt, MSG, and mix them together. Add the egg white into the mix.

You can also pour starch powder to the chicken to enable them not to stick together. Use some peanuts that are stir-fried in a pan until golden brown. This is optional. However, when preparing the authentic dish, make use of the original recipe.

Remember not to add oil in the Wok when frying the peanuts. There is no need to do that, as oils come out of the peanuts. With the help of some salt, fry it lightly on a saucepan or Wok.

However, when frying the peanuts, use a medium flame. It may take a few minutes to slightly burn, which is what you are looking for. Now that the chicken and peanuts are ready, you can cook them together.

To do that, pour some oil in a Wok. Here you can use a high flame, if you are comfortable cooking in this vessel. You can also add to this dish some red peppercorns and dry red chilies. Cook all of it for a few minutes.

The Ultimate In Chinese Cooking Kung Pao Chicken

The Ultimate In Chinese Cooking Kung Pao Chicken

Cooking The Kung Pao Chicken For Your Family


At last, add some ginger and garlic to it. You also need to make sure that the red chilies cook well and are alive.

For the flavors, add some salt, cooking wine, MSG, vinegar, and spring onions. Remember to put the peanuts at the end. Continuously stir carefully the contents in the Wok before placing them on a plate.

The Ultimate In Chinese Cooking Kung Pao Chicken

The Ultimate In Chinese Cooking Kung Pao Chicken

In Chinese cooking, two things are essential. One is the use of pans. However, in Chinese cuisine, they usually use the Wok. This vessel is a deep pan that is mainly used for stir-fry. As you know, Asian cooking like Japanese, Chinese, Malay, and others rely on prepared food.

People love to play with high flames when cooking. The chefs are very good at it. Furthermore, their knives skills are also excellent. Therefore, you have to learn how to cut and slice seafood and meat finely.

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