The Non Spicy Indian Food Recipes -

The Non Spicy Indian Food Recipes

non spicy indian food recipes

The fact is that Indians are very much conscious about their health and if they see any kind of western influence in their food, then they would surely get upset. The health conscious people usually avoid the spicy dishes and it is not possible for every person to eat non-spicy Indian food without any hesitation. The main reason of avoiding the spicy food is because of the spices that are used in it. In this article I am going to talk about the importance of non-spicy Indian food and why it should be included in the diet.

Spicy Food Increases The Level Of Cholesterol

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Spicy food increases the level of cholesterol in the body and in case of Indian people it is the Garam Masala that is mostly used in the Indian kitchen. The high level of cholesterol in the body leads to many health issues. Some of the problems like obesity, heart disease and diabetes can be reduced if a proper diet is followed. Non-spicy Indian dishes can provide healthy solution for all the above problems. Since spices play an important role in the dishes, it is necessary to know more about them and learn how to use them in a healthy way.

There are many famous non spicy Indian cuisines available today like papad, samosas, chole, ram etc. They are all prepared using the Indian spices. The popularity of these dishes mainly depends on the spices that are used in it. If you are fond of these foods, then it will be very much easy for you to cook your favorite dishes with these foods at home.

There Are Many Health Issues Related To The Food

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The main one is the lack of antioxidants in the body. You may not be aware of it but all the non-spicy Indian cuisines contain a lot of fat. The fat content increases the cholesterol level in the body and causes many health issues.

The food that is prepared in kitchens with a lot of fat content contains high levels of cholesterol. Also there is a high level of salt content. Both these factors contribute in increasing the cholesterol level in the body. It becomes difficult for the body to get rid of these health issues.

The best way is to opt for the less spicy Indian food. Also it makes it easier to control the fat content in the body. Many times people prefer non vegetarian dishes and opt for the spicy dishes instead of going for the vegetables. But they forget the importance of the vegetables in the dishes and suffer from many health issues.

Add Some Vegetables In The Dishes

In order to retain the essential nutrients of the food it is important to add some vegetables in the dishes. Along with spices it is also essential to add the vegetables in the food. Fruits and vegetables have high contents of water and vitamins. These nutrients help the body to remain healthy. Therefore it is better to opt for the non vegetarian Indian food, which is rich in vitamins and water and has low levels of fats.

Final Words

These food recipes not only help to maintain the Indian cuisine but also make it easy for people to prepare it at home. These can be made according to your choice and according to the time that is available. Also there are various Indian recipe sites that provide a number of such recipes. It becomes very easy to find a favorite one as there are a wide range of Indian food items. So just get the choicest Indian food recipes and enjoy the healthy and nutritious Indian food.

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