Chinese Food Recipes

Some of the most popular Chinese food recipes would be Chinese fried rice, wonton soup, and Hunan chicken.


Before we find out more about the favorite Chinese food recipes, you need to know the different kinds of Chinese cuisine. There is Hunan, Mandarin, Cantonese, and other types. It all depends on the regions in China where these dishes are prepared.

In Asian cooking, Chinese cuisine manage to dominate the market as of now. You can find several restaurants in America, serving authentic Chinese food recipes. Moreover, Americans love Chinese dishes.

The Most Popular Chinese Food Recipes

To prepare Chinese food recipes, you do not have to be a professional chef. You can be anybody who wants to cook something healthy and nutritious for his family. With the help of this quick and easy dish, let us get started.

The spicy beef with shrimps and bok choy Chinese food recipe is one of the most popular dish in China. To prepare this authentic cuisine, you need some Shao Hsing rice wine, cornstarch, oyster-flavored sauce, and canola oil.

You must also have sirloin steak, crushed red pepper, bok choy, and raw shrimps. If you love to consume prawns, you will like to eat this dish. Take a large bowl and mix all the ingredients of oyster sauce, cornstarch, and rice wine.

Pour some oil into a Wok or skillet. Heat it for a few minutes. Then, put the red pepper and beef in and heat it for some more time on medium flame. You can stir the contents until the beef starts to become brown.

As you know, shrimp does not take too long to cook. Therefore, add it at the end. The prawns can be stir-fried until they become pink in color. Use the same Wok by pouring some more oil and heat it on medium flame.

Some Of The Most Popular Chinese Food Recipes
Some Of The Most Popular Chinese Food Recipes

Chinese Food Recipes Complexity


Add the bok choy and stir the contents. It should not take more than a few minutes. You must also stir the cornstarch mix. Furthermore, you can add the combination of the prawns and beef to the ingredients in the Wok, and heat it as well as stir it for a few minutes.

Keep stirring until the sauce thickens. This must not take more than a few minutes. Once it is complete, your dish is ready to serve. As you can see, the recipe is quite simple and easy to prepare.

Most of the Chinese food recipes have been untouched for several thousand of years. That in itself is amazing. Probably because you do not need to add too many ingredients. Chinese cuisine is always simple and easy.

It is no wonder that many professional chefs know how to prepare an extremely large quantity of Chinese cuisine. Furthermore, some Chinese recipes can take a few minutes, while others take a few hours to make.

You can prepare the stir-fry recipes in a matter of minutes. At the same time, the pickles require intense preparation and may take ages to make. In some cases, it will take days to prepare and store.

Some Of The Most Popular Chinese Food Recipes
Some Of The Most Popular Chinese Food Recipes

The diversification in the Chinese food recipes is worth mentioning in here. Moreover, if you are new to Chinese cooking, then do not lose faith. You can quickly learn how to cook authentic recipes in a matter of days.

It is all about practice and dedication.