Hottest Hot Sauce Ever -

Hottest Hot Sauce Ever

To prepare the hottest hot sauce in the world recipe, you need to know how to consume it in the first place. Some times too much of heat can kill a person. In some restaurants in the United States of America, they have these hot sauce challenges.

The Hottest Hot Sauce Ever
The Hottest Hot Sauce Ever

The restaurants pile up some food that comes with intense heat and sauce for the customer to consume within a stipulated period. At times, the consequences have been grave. This is when you will want to know how to prepare some safe, but hot sauce recipes that can impress your guests and friends alike.

Preparation Of Hottest Hot Sauce

If you are expecting some friends or family members over, then why not consider surprising them with a hot sauce recipe. Perhaps, you want to play a prank on somebody. Maybe you want to get back at someone in a fun manner.

Whatever the reason, preparing the hot sauce does not need an occasion. All you need are the ingredients and some burger or sandwich to pile it in. The central part for the hot sauce is the chili pepper.

The Hottest Hot Sauce Ever
The Hottest Hot Sauce Ever

It contains the element capsaicin. The stimulant causes the mouth to burn once you have contact with it. The food item is used to prepare pepper sprays. Only that in food items, it used in a lesser quantity.

The ingredients of the hot sauce distilled white vinegar, cayenne powder, seeded and chopped jalapenos, pepper, and salt to taste. Take a saucepan and add all the ingredients with little oil and simmer on medium flame.

Then you need to cool it down and place it inside a blender to mix it. The sauce must be stored inside the bottle and kept for a few months. There you go the basic recipe of a spicy sauce is ready and done.

You do not want to use it immediately. The cayenne pepper and jalapenos take their time to mix. Ideally, the sauce must last you few months. If you feel that the above recipe was below your heat standards, then you go ahead and add habaneros.

You can assure that the spice levels go on a different level altogether. You might want to extremely careful when using it on your food. Take a small lick of the sauce before deciding to use it or not.

Salsa Picante

The Hottest Hot Sauce Ever
The Hottest Hot Sauce Ever

If you are not a spicy person, but looking for that food item. Which can give you a mild but lasting tingle in your tongue, then you might want to prepare the salsa Picante. The food item made with several vegetables and ideal with seafood.

To prepare the salsa Picante, you will need some finely chopped onions, distilled white vinegar, olive oil, chopped shallots, fresh red or green hot chili. You need to make sure that they are seeded and cut crosswise.

Take a mixing bowl and mix the vinegar, olive oil, and whisk them together. You will want to them pour them on the vegetables. Leave it as it is for a week before having it with rice or bread.

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