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Spicy Vegetarian Indian Food Recipes

spicy vegetarian indian food recipes

With increased awareness of diets that contain less meat and more fresh fruit and vegetables, Indian food recipes have come back into favour. But they are not only for vegetarians. People of all ages are enjoying these healthy new tastes.

Many Indian Meals Call For The Use Of Spices

These include red chillies, turmeric, black cardamom and cinnamon. Some are mild, while others are hot. Vegetarians can easily adjust by using garlic, onions or tomatoes instead of the traditional spicy ingredients. For example, instead of adding salt to spinach that could make it seem out of this world, you could finely chop it into a powder and add it to a salad.

Other than Indian vegetarian recipes, many are looking for more creative ways of avoiding meat in their diet. So, what about making curries? How about stir-frying a tomato and onion? Or perhaps you can make creamy coconut milk with chickpeas? There are so many ways you can expand your vegetarian cooking horizons.

It is easy to make a meal that is completely from scratch. If you do not like spicy food, then you can choose to make something from a grocery store pantry or shop bought frozen items. Make sure you have plenty of different foods from which you can base your meal. You could even make a simple dish of rice and beans or even a simple salad with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. It really is up to you.

Find Recipes That Use Milder Spices

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If you are not too worried about spices, you can find recipes that use milder spices. You will still get the kick of the hot spices, just without the overwhelming smokey odor. Some vegetarian options include sauteed vegetables. You could also make a delicious soup, although if you really like spicy food, then a curry is probably best for you.

There are many vegetarian Indian recipes that you can find on the internet, or in cookbooks. Even at restaurants, you will be able to find vegetarian dishes that will please the palate. Most Indian foods are spicy, but there are some vegetarian dishes that let the heat dissipate and leave a wonderful taste that the entire family will love. So, if you have decided to become a vegetarian, you can find vegetarian Indian food that will please even the pickiest eater.

No Need To Use Any Kind Of Heavy Spices

For starters, you should keep in mind that you do not need to use any kind of heavy spices to season your dishes. There is no need to use black pepper, for example, because all it does is give you a momentary intense flavor. Instead, you should focus on using milder spices that impart a flavor that will linger on your tongue instead of your nostrils. You can use cumin, coriander, and cardamom for this purpose.


If you would like to add a little more spice to your meals, then you can always choose to add some red or green chillies. It is not unusual to find some recipes that call for ground ginger, and it will provide a wonderful kick to your meal. The most common form of spicy vegetarian recipes in India is the jal jeera. This is a very thick and spicy paste that is made from dried red chilies (bandhali in Hindi) and is typically served during festive events such as Diwali and Holi. If you are looking for a way to spice up your meals without adding tons of spices to your food, then a spicy vegetarian dish is definitely something that you can try.

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