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Spicy Vegetarian Indian Food Recipes That You Can Try

spicy vegetarian indian food recipes

Indian food is one of the best tasting foods in the world and there are hundreds of dishes that come under the tag of Indian food. If you have never tasted Indian food then you are certainly missing something in your life. The best thing that you can do is try some dishes at home. One of the major points about the Indian food is that it is very spicy and it will make you feel a burst of flavors in your mouth. This is a list of the spicy vegetarian Indian food recipes that you can aisly try at home.

Samosa Recipe

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This is truly one of the best Indian dishes that you can try without any problems at all. It is a fried dish that will make you feel great and it is a comfort food that all the Indians love. All you need to make for this is a spicy filling of potatoes which is similar to mashed potatoes but the difference is that in this dish you need to add a lot of spices so that you can get the Indian flavors in the dish. You also need to make a dough of refined flour and then add the potato filling to a round flat piece of dough and give it the shape of a pyramid. You then let it fry and then the dish is ready and you are surely going to love the taste of this dish.

Fried Rice

This may sound a bit Chinese but India has its own version of the rice which is tasty and spicy. All you need to do is boil the rice and let them be. Then you take a lot of vegetables like peas, potato, carrots, and more and cut them in small pieces. You fry all of these vegetables and then add the spices in them. In the vegetables you need to add lots of chilli and you can even add small pieces of green chilli to give that extra kick to the rice. Then you mix the vegetables and rice and then let it cook for some minutes. You will love this vegetarian version of fried rice and it is a very simple recipe that does not require too much effort.

Pan Cottage Cheese

This is one of the top recipes that you can try and you will simply fall in love with it. For this recipe you need to cut some pieces of cottage cheese and keep it aside. Then you need to take some oil in a pan and add all the spices to it. Then you add some onion and tomato paste to the oil and then you have to put in all the Indian spices to this mix. You then have to let this cook for several minutes till you the oil separates. To the gravy, you can also add some capsicum and onions so that they make it thicker. You can then add the cottage cheese to this mixture and let this cook for sometime so that the cottage cheese gets soaked in the gravy.


These are the spicy vegetarian Indian food recipes and these spicy vegetarian Indian food recipes will give you a true taste of the Indian culture. The Indian culture is a vibrant mix and so is the food in the country. You will see so many types of food when you visit the country and you will be spoilt for choice.

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