Spicy Thai Food Recipes To Enjoy From Your Home Kitchen

Spicy Thai Food Recipes

When it comes to countries with a hot climate, their cuisines are mostly spicy. And as it comes to spicy Thai food recipes, we can’t deny how incredible they taste. Also, in hot climate areas, the spicier food helps people to cool off as they sweat profusely. So, people from these parts of the world love to include chili in their dishes. Apart from making the people sweat, chilies are packed with vitamin C, so it offers lots of health benefits besides making the food deliciously spicy. You must taste the spicy rice cake if you haven’t yet.

Spicy Thai food recipes have lots of variety, and the spice-level also differs from one dish to another. If you have powered up to handle the heat, you must check out some of these extremely delicious Thai foods:

Spicy Thai Food Recipes: Kua Kling

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When it comes to the classic, dry curry dish of Thailand, Kua Kling’s name will come first. Chilly curry paste and minced pork are the main ingredients of the extremely spicy and salty dish. So, when you would sit to enjoy the curry dish, do have a jug of water close to your hand. You can enjoy the spicy curry with a fresh vegetable dish for soothing your palates.

Gaeng Som

If you are looking for another hot dish of southern Thailand, then gaeng som is here. The yellow Thai curry is sour and spicy and is made with fish, bamboo, or coconut shoots. It’s a fiery soup infused with shallots, garlic, turmeric, and lime juice to offer you a hearty serving. Want to know what’s your heat threshold? Then order for the delicious gaeng som from a good restaurant.

Tom Yom With Guay Tiew And Spicy Soup

When you combine spicy soup with guay tiew and tom yom, you get a wonderful staple Thai street food. And this dish is incredibly mouth-watering. The perfect blend of spice, sweet, sour, and salty makes it one of the favorite Thai street foods. For making the dish burst with more flavor, you can add in some ground pork and roasted peanuts. Your heart will be happy as you treat yourself to this dish.

Spicy Thai Food Recipes: Pad Prik King

When in Thailand, you must taste their popular stir-fried dry curry, Pad Prik King. The delicious dish gets its rich red color from the hot red chilies. And chilies make the base for the thick paste. You can mix in a little amount of crunchy long green beans for a complementing taste. The crunchiness of the beans goes perfectly well with the pungent, salty, and sweet entrée. If you really wish to wake up your taste bud, hope into a reputed Thai restaurant and have this dish. You will be breaking a sweat for sure.

Som Tum

If you are visiting Thailand, you must taste this world-famous green papaya salad. Otherwise, your trips won’t seem complete. This is such a refreshing dish that embodies all the flavors of Thai cuisine. When Som Tum gets spicier, it tastes even better. And it’s perfect to have with Thai grilled chicken and sticky rice. Once you taste the salad, you will be hooked to its taste for life. For bringing out the most of its taste, it’s pounded in a normal mortar.

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