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Spicy Tastes of South Indian Cuisine

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South Indian food is spicier than North Indian food. If you want to taste the spicy goodness, you need to have some south Indian food in your repertoire. South Indian cuisine includes dishes from states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Maharashtra. The spices used in South Indian cooking are quite intense, and thus it is not for everyone. They are so rich and have a lot of nutrients that are good for our bodies.

But not all South Indians like hot spices. For them, there is a wide range of options. They have their own style of preparing different kinds of foods. Here are some of the popular South Indian delicacies that you can try out.

South Indian Food Spicy

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Rice is the basic staple of the South Indian diet and is included in a variety of recipes. They even make dogs with rice. Rice is cooked with spices and coconut milk. Some recipes will use mutton or beef for cooking with rice. This makes the dish a bit spicy but is well-liked by the people.

A common South Indian dish is samosa which is a rice pancake made of masala rice. The recipe may include onion, turmeric, red chilli powder, cumin powder, ground ginger and garlic. They might add coriander leaves and also go for a heavy coating of black pepper. The entire pancake is then deep-fried and served along with fried rice.

There is also Bhel Puri, which is a kind of Punjabi or Bengali food. It is a rice dish. It is made with grated coconut meat. It is spiced and also goes well with dogs.

Another famous food of the state is Assamese food. They are known for their spicy dishes. Most of the ingredients used are tomatoes, chillies, tamarind, black pepper, cumin, cardamom, cloves and even onions. The ingredients used for making Assamese food are fish, rice and also spices.

Famous South Indian Cuisine

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In the state of Kerala, you will find many delicious South Indian dishes. They are all good and worth trying. Among them, Roti Prata is a favorite. It is a pancake made of flour, butter, eggs and salt. You will also find pulav or russet Rolls which are very popular all over the south.

The influence of the spices from different countries can be seen in South Indian foods. For example, ketchup, which is a spicy tomato sauce, originated in south India. The influence of Chinese, Portuguese and then British cuisines can be seen in the South Indian dishes. The variety which can be found in the dishes is mind-boggling. The south is one place where you can get almost anything that you want, as long as you know how to cook it and where to cook it.

Things To Know

There are many famous South Indian dishes that are loved all around the world. The kingfish dal is a delicacy that is eaten in many parts of the country. It is prepared using the leftover Indian spices. The dal is cooked with onions, spices and fresh tomatoes. When you look back at the history of this wonderful dish, it shows that it has been loved by almost all people for centuries. This is how this wonderful food gets its name.

Spicy dishes are not a very big part of South Indian culture. Most of the food that we eat is cooked in a way that is neither spicy nor sweet. The food has its own little flavor, and that is what makes it different. When it comes to South Indian food like curries, the rice is not fried. Instead, it is used in a different way. In some restaurants, you will find that the rice is not only served with the curries but also separately.

Apart from the normal food, South Indian cuisine also has certain specialities like Paratha, Saduthi, Pista and Barfi. These specialities are cooked in a different manner, and you would find that these dishes are not liked by everyone. You may like the Paratha but might find that others would prefer the Barfi to be served first.

Bottom Line

A typical South Indian meal consists of Idli, Rice, Chicken, Sambar, Rasam, Pickle and Curry. This variety of food is popular all over the world. In fact, this variety of Indian food is very much similar to the food of countries like Ireland, Britain, Germany, France and the US. You can find that spicy dishes like Pista and Paratha are easily liked by children, while the pickle and kidney dishes are liked by everyone.

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