Save Money On Spicy Indian Food Recipes

spicy indian vegetarian food recipes

Spicy Indian vegetarian food recipes are becoming more popular these days. If you have gone to a party, been invited over or are considering going on an outing for some fun, you should be able to get most of the stuff you need for your meal there. But then, you really need to take a good look at the menu. What are their main ingredients? And do they use any kind of herbs?

It is quite easy to prepare a vegetarian dish in India as you will find vegetarian cuisine in all the big cities of the country. In fact, the famous Indian vegetarian meals have a spicy element in them that goes a long way to make them a hot favourite with nonvegetarians too. So, you can easily integrate spicy Indian vegetarian food recipes into your diet. This will help you improve your palate and taste and at the same time, will help you reduce your risk of getting cancer.

Vegetables As The Main Ingredient

A plate of food with rice meat and vegetables

The first thing that you should know about these recipes is that you should always choose those that have vegetables as the main ingredient. Now, this doesn’t mean just any vegetable will do. You need to look for vegetables like cauliflower, potato, carrot, beans, onions, potatoes and tomatoes that are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps you prevent cancer and also helps you digest meat protein and also ensures that your body is well-built.

There are other vegetarian ingredients that you will also find in the various recipes for vegetarian cooking. For starters, you can look for lentils. They are full of protein and fiber and are excellent sources of iron. Also look for recipes that include coconut oil and butter. These two add a lot of flavour and are also very healthy.

Concerned About Taste

A close up of a plate of food with a fork

If you are more concerned about taste then you can also look for vegetarian chili recipes. This will give you a satisfying yet spicy flavor that is incomparable to any meat. If you happen to like sweets a lot then you can also try for chocolate covered meatballs or chocolate-covered veggie burgers. You can also choose from vegetarian pizzas and stir-fry. You will love the combination of spiciness and flavour!

Some of the most popular vegetarian recipes include Indian sub, which is a stuffed pastry that is filled with meat and served with yogurt sauce. You can also try for Samosas and papadoms which are stuffed and deep-fried. The most popular Middle Eastern vegetarian dish is falafel – thin pieces of chickpea meat and garnished with thin, which is a paste made from ground taking seeds.

Middle Eastern Vegetarian Recipes

Other popular Middle Eastern vegetarian recipes include hummus, which are made with chickpeas, garlic and fresh herbs; mashed cucumber, which are served with pita bread; and the popular baked pita sandwich.

In some Indian vegetarian food recipes the ingredients are not seasoned and the meat is marinated in the yogurt and spices and left to dry. The next day the meat is cooked and placed on top of leaves of green vegetables. In some other cases the meat is roasted in coconut oil or olive oil. Apart from the normal ingredients of sauces and seasonings there are also special vegetarian dishes such as biryanis, which is a tasty fish stew with whole spices in it. It can also be accompanied by a dessert consisting of cooked rice and lemon.

Final Words

Most of these recipes are prepared at home and hence there is no need to go out. On busy days when you are short of time cooking at home you can always make a quick meal at home and eat it even when you are not in front of the stove. There are various vegetarian recipes for meat too including jerk chicken and beef. So if you are planning to go out and enjoy some spicy Indian vegetarian food this would be the perfect time to try out new vegetarian recipes.

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