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Spicy Indian Food Recipes – The Ultimate Course

spicy indian food recipes

This article will highlight some of the most popular and commonly used spicy Indian foods. These dishes have become a very popular choice for wedding or party and other special occasions. These Indian recipes are easy to prepare and are tasty when cooked correctly. There are many different types of spices used and one will find that they all have a different way of adding flavor to food. The main ingredient is the red chili powder, which gives the dishes their unique name.

An Overview

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Some of the most popular dishes that one can enjoy from these Indian recipes are the ones that include the chilli powder and the powder that come with the curry powder. To see the full picture more visibly in this article, you can click on the favored image to view the image at its most visible size or at its original size. The spiciest Indian food recipes will give you the taste of the Indian cuisine by utilizing the best available ingredients that can be found around. A person can easily find the most popular and the most liked spicy Indian foods recipes.

One of the most popular Indian food recipes today includes the vegetarian recipes that are mainly loved by the health-conscious crowd. These vegetarian recipes include the ones such as the Samosas which are cooked using chick peas and spicy red chilies. Another popular recipe is the Asafetida which is a meat dish cooked with various vegetables including beans, tomatoes and onions. If you prefer to experiment with spicy Indian recipes and want to try out something new then you should also try out the different varieties of curries that are served. The curries are made by using Indian spices such as the cumin, coriander, cardamom, fennel seeds, etc. You can find these spices being used in many different recipes.

Top Dishes

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There are many other Indian food recipes that are prepared using groundnut, clarified butter and other ingredients. An example of a delicious recipe is the Spicy Tandoori Masala Recipe. This recipe uses a traditional Indian spices like red chilli powder, cumin, coriander powder, black pepper powder, etc., Along with this masala is a mix of milk and dry red or dry spice powder. When the mixture is stirred together then it becomes the perfect Indian Spicy Tandoori Masala Recipe that leaves your mouth watering and satisfied.

There are some other famous and very popular spicy Indian food recipes in Indian dishes include the most famous of them all the Barfi recipe. This dish is very popular with north Indian people and can be seen being served at almost every occasion whether it is a birthday party or an anniversary party. The recipe of Barfi starts with yogurt and is flavored with green chilies. After this the thin layer of fried rice is spread with masala mix and finally the green chilies are sprinkled on top as well as fried in butter.

North Indian Cuisine

Another popular recipe in Indian foods is the chicken tikka, which is very famous in north Indian cuisine. This is a very healthy recipe that is full of protein and also great for you. The recipe of chicken tikka can be found in north Indian cookbooks or else online. The chicken tikka is a marinated piece of meat, cooked in tandoori sauce and then finally baked in the oven. These tandoori chicken dishes are one of the most popular Indian foods which you will find in north Indian homes.

Then you have the chicken tikka, which is a marinated puree of plain yogurt and butter chicken. This is one of the famous Indian foods which is loved all across the world. In fact it has made its way into so many countries that you can hardly distinguish the chicken tikka from the butter chicken in north Indian curries. The sauce for these curries is also very popular and commonly uses ketchup as its base.


These recipes are not only very mouth watering but are also very healthy. There is no need to overindulge in spicy dishes because it can actually lead to diseases like hypertension and diabetes. The spices used in these curries can also help you lose weight because spicy dishes contain extra amounts of calories and fat. So do ensure to use the right amount of spices while cooking.

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