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Spicy Indian Food List: Why it is On the List

spicy indian food list

A spicy Indian food list is a great way to learn about the different varieties of Indian foods. Spicy dishes in India are varied and include everything from chicken, fish, lamb, pork, beef, rotis, and chapatis to seafood, golpes, pickles, and prawns. The spices vary according to regions like Northern, Central, Western and Eastern India. Some popular and well-known spices include:

Spicy Indian Food List: Northern Indian Food

In Northern India, people use a lot of black pepper. Some popular dishes include Barfi, a dish of fried meat and rice cooked in a typical North Indian style. It can also be called Bhel Puri. There is a large variety of dishes prepared with this spice. Some examples are Roti Prata, Barfi Biryani, Chicken Curry, and Fried Pickles.

Central Indian Food

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Spicy dishes in the Central Indian region use a lot of red and green chilies. Green chilies are much sweeter than the red variety. Some of the popular dishes include Meghalaya Chili, Sambar, Khichdi, etc. Some famous spices used in Northern Indian cuisines are Rasgulla, Chapati, Garam Masala, and Vindaloo. These spices are used separately or together, and it depends on how the combination works. Some dishes that use these spices are Samosas, Rice Biryani, Pickle, etc.

South Indian Dishes

South Indian dishes are spicy too and are very popular. The dishes include dishes like tamarind-based juices, pickles, and relishes. A very popular fruit-based relish is ‘Roti masala.’ Some popular dishes that use this are Rasgulla, Chapati, Halwa, and Mince Pachadi.

In the Southern region of India, dishes are more coconut-based and include chicken, mutton, and beef. Spices that are used to make these dishes are cumin, coconut oil, clarified butter, and black pepper. Some very popular dishes are chicken curry, papadoms, and fried fish. Some other dishes that use these spices are pachadi (fish fry) and poppadoms.

Western countries like the USA, Canada, and Britain bring a lot of flavor to their cuisine by using a lot of different spices. This is because they do not understand the flavor of the land where they are from. British cuisine is known for its widespread use of black pepper. This is because the British were colonized by many other ethnic groups from various regions of India.

Indian Cuisine

There are also regional specialties of Indian cuisine. For example, in the North, where the people are mainly wheat eaters, there are dishes like wheat balls and braav-made curds. In the Southern part of the country, the people are mostly rice eaters, and the specialties include rice dishes with spices like turmeric and curry leaves. And in the East, the dishes are mostly based on lentils and beans.

You will get to realize that most of the spicy Indian foods have been inspired by spices used in the land that they come from. This is why you will get a spicy Indian food list that will mention all the popular spices used in the region where it was invented. But most importantly, you need to follow a balanced diet if you are following an Indian diet since spicy dishes will only add to the calorie count. Moreover, the ingredients in these dishes will also leave an aftertaste if it is left to sit on your tongue. If you can control yourself, then you can enjoy some of the most delicious and healthy Indian dishes.

Things To Consider

Spicy food can be prepared in many ways. For example, if it is being cooked on a charcoal grill, then you can add some hot spices like cumin seeds and red pepper flakes to give it a spicy kick. On the other hand, if you are eating it with naan, then add a little bit of yogurt or milk. If the recipe calls for chole, then add a little bit of coconut oil to make it sizzling hot.

The main thing that should be remembered by anyone who is looking out for the most delicious Indian food list is that spices do not always classify as good or bad. If you look at it in a holistic manner, then spices have a very positive impact on our health. It helps in the digestion process, increases the energy level of the body, and keeps us refreshed all the time. Also, the more we consume it, the more it will help to keep us away from many kinds of diseases. This is why the spicy Indian food list should not be totally discounted.

Bottom Line

The best way to prepare your spicy Indian food is by using an authentic Indian recipe. Since cooking Indian cuisine has been coming a long way, there are many restaurants that serve Indian food today. You can also find out a local Indian cookbook and order the food that you want to eat from their special Indian food list. If you love authentic Indian food, then this is the right choice for you!

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