Spicy Food Recipes To Induce Labor That You Must Know

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For many years mothers have said that eating spicy food helps to induce labor in a natural manner. As such a mother-to-be is done being pregnant and the baby is ready to come out, spicy food helps to fasten the process of labor and makes the mother feel better. While it has not been researched whether spicy food is actually labor inducing, it is said that it releases some prostaglandins that contract the muscles of the uterine. This helps to start the pregnancy contractions which helps to hasten the process of childbirth. 

If the mother is done being pregnant then giving her spicy food might be a good idea.  You will love the taste so that is not a bad deal at all. There are many spicy food recipes to induce labor that you can try to eat. These spicy food recipes to induce labor taste great and you can get them from outside or you can make them at home. This is one of the best old wives’ tales and you can try this if you are tired of being pregnant and you want the baby in your arms as soon as possible. 

Indian Food

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Indian food is known for its spicy flavors and it is one of the top foods when it comes to inducing labor. The taste of the food is great and there are many options that you can get so you can choose something that you like. Use of chilli makes the food taste spicy and you can choose the level of spice according to your own tolerance. You also get some yogurt or naan to reduce the spice. This makes Indian  food one of the best options to eat if you are looking to induce labor.

Mexican Food

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Mexican food includes habanero and jalapeno peppers which makes it spicy and flavorful. If you love extreme spice then Mexican food is one that you must try. There are many options that you can get when it comes to this kind of food so you can choose the food that you like. You can choose the spice level that you want to eat and this might help you induce labor.

Thai Food

Thai food might not be extremely spicy but it has the kick that you need. This food has peppercorns, ginger, and chilli peppers that add the spice to the food. You will love the options that this food has to offer and you will love the way this food will taste. There are different levels of spice that you can choose from. 


These are the spicy food recipes to induce labor that you must know and you can try these to induce labor. You will love these foods and you can get these from outside and you can also make them at home. If you want to get things moving then these are food types that you can try. 

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