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Spicy Food Recipes Reddit You Must Know

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Is it possible for me to find spicy food recipes Reddit? I love spicy food, but I don’t like to cook. This is fine for most people, but I am not one of them. In particular, when I want to go out to a nice restaurant with friends and family, I am afraid that I will come out on the wrong side of the menu if I am not careful about what I order.

Finding Best Spicy Food Recipes Reddit 

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If you want to have some grilled chicken with vegetables and sauce on your platter, you could do a chicken marinade with some cumin, garlic, chili powder, hot sauce, salt and pepper to taste. The sauce should be spicy enough to use while the marinade is cooking on the grill. You could also make some ground beef that has been marinated with pepper and onion to make a delicious burgers recipe. Use whatever you like.

Another idea that editors came up with was baked potato tacos. All you need to do is cook some potatoes with salsa and guacamole. Use your imagination. You might even find yourself heading to the grocery store to buy some tortillas to use as the base of this dish.

Another dish that you might try out is called chimichanga. What you will need are corn chips, chopped tomatoes, onion, cilantro, chopped serrano pepper, and spicy powder. Cook the chips and tomatoes until they are soft. Add some water to the mix so that the chip and tomato are coated in the sauce. You can also add some Cayenne pepper and black pepper to give it a little kick. Serve this Mexican meal with chips on top.

What Many Redditors Make?

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Many redditors made chicken wings as one of their favorite food recipes. They were happy to share their tips and suggestions so that everyone can enjoy these tasty wings. First off, you need to marinate the wings in lime juice for about an hour. Then, you just need to prepare the ingredients. Use a food processor or blender to make your own roux. It will give it a nice thick, rich sauce to work with.

Finally, you will want to add all of your taco toppings to your meal. These can include shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, vegetables, chicken, etc. You can make it as healthy or as unhealthy as you want. Just watch how much you eat! You should also be sure to wash any leftovers completely before eating.

As you can see, editors use their knowledge to make food tasting great. They also take their preferences to heart when preparing spicy food recipes. That means they eat healthy and stay fit too!

So, What’s Your Spicy Food Recipe Waiting For? 

Try one of these recipes out. They are both easy and delicious. You can even modify them to be a little healthier. Just read through the ingredients listed in the recipe and adjust the seasonings to create a healthier option.

Shredded chicken with bell pepper and onion is pretty simple to make. Just cut up your chicken into thin pieces and cook in a skillet with olive oil until the pieces are translucent. Then, use a shredder to shred the cooked chicken into small pieces. Add your salsa to the chicken and let it sit for a few minutes to blend well.

Meanwhile, if you have some fresh poblano peppers on hand, you could make a delicious fajitas mix. Just cut up the poblano pepper into thin strips. Combine chopped onions, bell peppers, garlic, cilantro and habanero pepper in a blender. Use a little water or milk to help thin the mixture as it will curdle if it’s too thick.

Final Thoughts

If you want some other spicier options, you can always check out the editors’ spicy food recipes archive. It’s chock full of spicy treats that editors from all over the world have submitted. You’ll be surprised at how much spicy food recipes can change your cooking skills! Be creative, try a few new things, and take your cooking experience to the next level.

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