Spicy Chicken Wings Recipe

The spicy chicken wings is a popular name among people of all ages.


Spicy chicken wings is the best possible dish you can have for dinner. The sweet, spicy wings is actually a spicy dish and come with its flavors and taste. You can prepare it at your home. However, you will need to have a working grill for cooking the chicken wings.

You will want to know that consuming spice is right for your health. It actually improves your appetite and is suitable for your reproductive system. If you are newly married or want to improve your food consumption, then this dish would help you immensely.

Spicy Chicken Wings Recipe

Method To Cook Spicy Chicken Wings

Having spicy food is a good thing, provided you do it in moderation. You can get yourself cured of flu and cold. Also, if you know somebody has Alzheimer’s disease, then you would want to include some spice into their lives.

To prepare the sweet, spicy wings, you will need some chicken wings that do not come with e tips and have the joints separated. For flavor, you will want to have some garlic, salt, butter, honey, Louisiana-style hot sauce, ground black pepper, and little cayenne pepper.

Now, you will want to keep in mind that cayenne pepper can be little spicy and if you have an allergy to spicy food or hot and intense heat, then you can opt the cayenne pepper. The honey is not only for the texture in the dish but for reducing the heat in there.

The sweet, spicy wings take about 45 minutes to prepare. You need to ensure that you have all the ingredients ready and ready for the recipe. That way, you save on time. You do not want to be in the middle of the recipe and then realize you are missing out on something.

Spicy Chicken Wings Recipe

To start your preparation for the spicy chicken wings, you will want to preheat your outdoor grill at high temperature. Then you will want to pour some oil on the grate of the grill. Now, you can grill the chicken for 10 minutes each side.

When you do that, you can notice the chicken become soft and juicy. Though, you can use the oven to bake the chicken, using the grill for spicy wings is the best option.

Now, Take The Chicken And Place It In A Saucepan Or Roast Pan.

If you do not own a roast pan, then you would want to make use of the saucepan. That should do just fine. Place it on medium flame and add the garlic, black pepper, hot sauce, butter, honey, salt, and cayenne pepper.

Allow it to cook in there for 5 minutes and then you can stir it until it blends enough. You need to keep stirring the dish so that the flavors come together. It is time for the sauce on the grilled chicken.

Your spicy chicken wings are ready for eating. You can either have it as it is or have it some brown rice and lentils for dinner. Perhaps, you can have it with some brown bread too. The options are all yours.

The recipe was quite easy to prepare. Remember, to always make use of fresh ingredients in your recipes.