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Spice Up Your Diabetic Vegetarian Cooking With Spicy Food Recipes

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Spicy Food Recipes Indian Vegetarian cuisine has a number of hot and spicy food recipes that can appeal to the tastes of even the most seasoned vegetarian. Spicy dishes have always been favorites for vegetarians in India as well as many other parts of the world. Vegetarian food can be made spicy or not depending on personal preferences of the cook.

There is nothing like eating in front of a roaring fire or having a hot cup of tea to start your day. In fact, India has a rich tradition of vegetarian and meat-eating. It is part of their cultural history and heritage. This is also why they are so open to foreign influences. You get the same combination of taste in these dishes that you would get in any part of the world.

Unique Spices

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As we all know, spices give food its unique taste. The same is true in vegetarian cooking. In Indian vegetarian recipes, certain herbs and spices are used that give the dishes a unique taste.

Tasty Veggies

Normally, the spices that were used to give the meat a spicy taste are replaced by vegetables. Thus the spices retain their original meaning. But, you may wonder, why replace spice with vegetables? The reason is that spices in the past were mostly obtained from meat sources. Spices obtained from plants or seeds were not available at that time.

A Rich Source Of Nutrition

Today, things have changed. The spices available are much more refined and are derived from plants. This results in the dishes retaining a taste that is much sweeter and more complex. Also, nowadays, you find that there are many vegetarians in India. They are well aware of the fact that meat is not the main source of nutrition and they do not eat it.

Meat Dishes

As a vegetarian, you must try out as many vegetarian dishes as you can. Try out the new vegetarian versions of your favorite meat recipe and taste the variations that exist today. You will be amazed at the taste of non-vegetarian foods that are made of vegetables. No doubt, the spices remain, but the flavor is far more intense than meat-based dishes.


One of the most popular vegetarian dishes in India is the Samosas which are marinated in tandoori and flavored with yogurt and seasoned with salt. The main meat in this dish is beef, which is given a special sauce called Sadhu in an attempt to preserve the taste of the meat. The basic idea behind such dishes is to create a dish that is not only vegetarian but also non-vegetarian. It is a way to make Indian food more universal and acceptable not only for vegetarians but for non-vegetarians as well.


One of the best vegetarian options is tilapia. It is very rich in taste and is very popular in restaurants in India. It is also very easy to cook and it doesn’t take much time. The best vegetarian spicy food is surely the chicken kebabs that are very popular in northern India. It is prepared by stuffing chickpeas with spices and a mild onion powder and then deep-frying it in hot oil.

Pav Bhaji

There are many dishes that are specifically made for vegetarian cooking in Indian cuisine. One of these is the Vada Pav from Mumbai, which is a vegetarian version of Pav Bhaji or Barfi. In Indian cuisine, you will find a variety of vegetables that are eaten with meat. For instance, dal (which is very commonly used as a base), mutton, and green chillies or kamana are some of the staple vegetables that are found in most of North Indian meals. The famous eastern Indian vegetable is the potato, which is used to make pane ji, a famous delicacy especially in Lucknow and Punjab.


Most of the vegetarian dishes that we eat are prepared using chickpeas as their meat substitute. The meat of the chicken is cut into strips and mixed with spices and herbs. It is deep-fried and served with pickles, naan, rice or another side dish. The very famous south Indian delicacy is the Masala Nandu which is prepared with beans, red or green chillies, onion, cumin, garlic and tomatoes. The taste of this dish is bitter but intense and has a red chilli flavour. The popularity of masala is such that it is one of the most popular curries in north India.


Other popular Indian vegetarian cooking includes Basmati, which is very similar to the Indian Masala. It also uses onions, garlic and spices to prepare it. There are other dishes that use fish as their meat substitute. These include Papdi, which is made from rice and lentils and Puri which is prepared using meat and spices.

Wrapping Up

The vegetarian recipes of north India have made great advancement in the past few years and the dishes now available are far more tasteful than the ones that were prepared a few decades ago. The spices that are used have been refined to make the dishes much palatable even to non-vegetarians. Indian vegetarian cooking is not only healthy but it is also very tasty and the non-vegetarian patients who have tried it once can never go back to meat-based eating habits again. Even the meat-eaters have had to admit that their tastes have been greatly improved by trying these vegetarian recipes.

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