Pepper Seeds That Will Help You Spice Up Your Garden

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So, you have decided to spice up your garden with a variety of pepper. You don’t want to add one big lump of red hot peppers on top of the vegetables you plan to grow.

Chili peppers are all over the internet and in your local grocery store in a milder heat. This is perfect for the garden, as you can use this variety sparingly throughout the year. If you want to use the kind that has a higher spiciness level, then you should keep a few different varieties in your garden at all times.

You need to remove the jalapeno pepper seeds before you eat them because of their spiceiness. You can actually buy jalapeno seeds at most supermarkets. They do come in very small increments so you will want to keep a few handy at all times.

Most of the seeds you find in your local grocery store are about 1 inch long. The other ones are about three inches long. They will be soft if you pick them up .

Now get some gloves and put them on and wrap the seeds in foil or newspaper. Put the seeds in a freezer bag and leave them for a couple of weeks. Keep the seeds in your freezer, when you are ready to plant then take them out of the freezer and store them in an air tight container.

Keep them in the refrigerator and when you are ready to use them. Use the seeds after removing the seeds from the freezer. Cut the seeds into pieces about the size of a nickel and use them in whatever dish you want. It may seem odd, but when the seeds are warm they will be less spicy than when they are cold.

Turnip has a slight heat to it that is supposed to compliment tomatoes, squash, and lettuce. I love using it in soups, stews, and anything else I plan to use the leaves for. The big downside to turning your turnips is that they will dry out and they won’t be as spic and nutty the next day. In fact, the longer they are sitting, the spicier they will become.

Sweet potatoes have a mildly spicy flavor to them that will compliment just about anything you might put them in. And don’t be discouraged if you find that they are no longer hot as they will return to their original spiciness after you turn them. Keep an eye on them and they will return to their original flavor.

These spicy peppers have a strong and peppery flavor and you can use them in just about any recipe you might imagine. To preserve the spiciness and the overall flavor, you should be able to freeze them.

As long as you are using them in the fresh way you are meant to, you should be able to get a good bit of the heat out of them before they are completely dried out. This should allow you to freeze them and use them later without worrying about their spicy flavor getting lost.

Keep in mind though that the seeds in the pods do tend to be a little bit hotter than the whole
ones. If you use whole peppers, you can either freeze them or heat them up by adding more oil
before cooking.

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