Label Stickers: How To Make Diy Labels For Jars


Today I show you a small tutorial to make the DIY adhesive label stickers to decorate the pantry jars.  I had tried to make them a few months ago and, given the results. I decided to paste them on all the jars and organelle in the kitchen. Now my kitchen becomes the most disciplined place of the house because all the pots are placing there in orders. I didn’t get difficulty in finding anything. All thanks to those stickers. If You also want to make them at home, then go ahead with this tutorial. They are straightforward to do.

Things You Need To Make The Adhesive Label Stickers.

Copier A4 sheets, glass jars, scissors, a bowl for dipping labels, a towel, scotch tape, a ruler, a hairdryer, and a laser printer, but if you did not have it, go happy to the copy shop.

Step By Step Tutorial To Make Label Stickers

Do The Writing For Label Stickers

First, you have to do the writing. You can do it with writing programs or with graphics if you want something more creative. Below you have the example of my jars. If you like them and you don’t have time to dedicate yourself to this step, you can click on the photo to download them. The only advice I can give you is to pay attention to the size of the writing in height, which must not be higher than the scotch tape.

Label Stickers: How To Make Diy Labels For Jars
Label Stickers: How To Make Diy Labels For Jars

Print The Writing

Once the writings are decided, you have to print them. On this step, I found different opinions, but from experience, I find that the Laser printer is more suitable.

Scotch The Writing

After printing them, you have to apply the scotch from transparent parcels to the writings, perhaps with the help of a ruler to make it adhere better. When all the writing is covered with scotch tape, cut them to the right size.

Remove The Paper From The Label

Take the bowl and fill it with warm water. Alternatively, you can also use the sink, but be careful that the paper does not go down into the pipes. Put the labels inside, and you will see that they will roll upon themselves. Wait a few minutes and then begin to remove the paper from the label.

I advise you to do this step several times to be sure to remove all the paper well. In case the water has become cold, I recommend replacing it because, with the lukewarm one, it is much simpler.

Reactivate The Glue

Once you have finished removing the paper, you will have the impression that the scotch glue is gone but don’t worry, it’s just a sensation. Take a towel and pat it lightly to remove the drops of water. At this point, you need a hairdryer to dry the labels and reactivate the glue rush.

When the label is entirely dry, you will find that the glue sticks again, and you have to stick it on the jar. Easy right? It is a quick solution to put an order in the pantry, but it is above all ideal if you have open furniture, as in my case. The jars will be coordinated, and the pantry will immediately look more beautiful and tidy.

Label Stickers: How To Make Diy Labels For Jars
Label Stickers: How To Make Diy Labels For Jars

If you like this tutorial, then go and make for yourself and decore your jars with fascinating stickers. But if you still don’t want to put your effort in preparing them, then you can opt for online labels. You can buy it from our online stone.

Glass Jar Bottle Label Stickers

Label Stickers: How To Make Diy Labels For Jars
Label Stickers: How To Make Diy Labels For Jars

It is an eco-friendly bottle sticker that helps you to spot your kitchen items easily. It is made with contact paper that not only serves for bottles but also serves as a label for containers, jars, and storage bins. Besides, due to its unique design, your kitchen will be organized excellently.