Indian Traditional Spices That Set It Apart -

Indian Traditional Spices That Set It Apart

Indian Traditional spicy food

Indian Traditional Spicy Food is a very old and ever so popular style of cooking in India. Spices are not only used for flavoring, but also for the taste and aroma. Indian food has many kinds of spices that are used for Indian Traditional Spicy Food. Some popular spices are:

Garam Masala

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This is a famous spice that is most popular with south Indian dishes such as Garlic Chutney or Chicken Curry. It’s most well known for its strong aroma, which is why it’s usually added at the end of cooking, as it gives the food a kick. It’s also common to use garam masala in pickles and other side dish items to intensify the flavor. Also, its usage is not limited to Indian foods alone; in fact, its use is almost universal in the South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. You can find garam masala at almost any supermarket or health food store.

Red Onions

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This is another spice that is mostly added at the end of cooking. The best way to cook red onions is with their skin on. However, if you don’t have red onion skins, you can just use regular onions. Just remember not to leave it on too long, as it will lose its distinct color and taste. Also, if you’re not a big fan of onions, you can instead use green onions (which is also excellent). They’ll give it just the right amount of zing without being overwhelming.

Red Chili Powder

This is usually included in the chili powder mix as well as the chillies to give the best spiciness to any recipe. Although it adds the most intense and spicy flavor to the mix, it is also the most expensive. It’s usually sold in the spice section of the supermarket. Most people use it in a stir fry or a stir-fry. It’s great in barbeque chicken or beef recipes as well.

Garlic Powder

You probably have this in your cupboard already. It’s always in fantastic taste when coupled with the other spices mentioned above. It gives that unique, almost garlicky flavor that makes chicken so satisfying. Use it sparingly for recipes where there aren’t too many chicken parts, such as chicken noodle soup, or to spice up vegetarian dishes, such as a chicken Marsala. As a side note, you can also sprinkle fresh garlic over your bland potatoes as a great side dish!

Turmeric Powder

This one is pretty self explanatory. Turmeric is a spice that goes very well with Indian dishes. It works as a marinade too, so adding a small amount to whatever you are cooking is really worth doing. Think of all the wonderful recipes that can be created with it. From curries and stir fries to Indian cuisine, the only limit is your imagination.

Last but not the least,This one I would avoid at all costs. If you’re going to add chili powder, don’t use the hotter version. The milder version is much healthier and is much more healthy to eat. I don’t recommend using it in a food that needs to be kept cold however, as the heat will begin to burn your palate muscles.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. These five spices are by far the most commonly used in Indian Traditional Spiciness. They are all very simple, yet have very powerful flavors which is why they have made their way into the hearts of so many people from different cultures.

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