Indian Food Mushroom Red Sauce Spicy Recipe To Increase Your Food Cravings -

Indian Food Mushroom Red Sauce Spicy Recipe To Increase Your Food Cravings

indian food mushroom red sauce spicy

Do you want something hot and spicy? Here we have a collection of delicious, simple, and tasty Indian food mushroom red sauce spicy recipes. Yes, the mushroom sauce is one of the delicious sauces that will surely increase your food cravings.

Mushrooms are fungi that are a kind of vegetable. They are low in sodium and calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free. Mushrooms are highly eaten because of their good nutritional values as well as widely used for medicinal purposes to treat different ailments.

Furthermore, mushrooms are the best source of potassium, zinc, fiber, iron, folate, vitamin C, protein, and some more nutrients. They are the only type of food with vitamin D goodness. Well, there are 100 types of mushrooms that exist in the whole world. Not all varieties of mushrooms are edible, and few can cause toxic effects on the health of humans. Thus, proper preparation can reduce or remove the toxins of mushrooms, but some variations are still not good to eat.

Here we are mentioning white mushrooms, which is the common variety to consume. It is also known as button mushroom. They go well in several dishes because of its mildly flavored. Additionally, they come in two sizes- small and large. So, most of the recipes for mushrooms are done with white mushrooms. Cremini, oyster, portobello, and shiitake are some of the common kinds of dishes. Hence, in the below section, we have shared some recipes for your easy access.

Indian Food Mushroom Red Sauce Spicy Recipe

The red mushroom sauce is too good for other canned varieties! It is best for chicken parmesan, lasagna, and spaghetti to spread over, and also use it for anything you want.

Also, you can add ground meat to make the meat sauce, if you want. It’s tasty! Moreover, the best thing about the mushroom sauce is that you can store it in the fridge for 20-25 days.


A person holding a plate of food

Fresh mushrooms


Garlic cloves


Italian seasoning

Kosher salt

Red pepper flakes

Other Delicious Indian Mushroom Recipes – Curries Or Gravy

Kadai mushroom gravy- spicy, hot, and delicious restaurant-style mushroom gravy with onion tomato gravy and fresh ground spices. This dish goes well with plain paratha, roti, or plain rice.

Mushroom masala gravy – mushroom masala Indian style gravy to pair with roti, plain paratha, jeera rice, or rice. The gravy has a nutty taste and aroma that comes from the roasted masalas.

Potato mushroom gravy –potato mushroom gravy is simply made with basic and simple ingredients. Mushrooms and potatoes are some of the amazing combinations for this gravy. Cooked potato helps to enhance the taste of curry and maintain its thickness.

Mushroom korma recipe – korma or kurma is a dish generally made of seeds, nuts, or curd. This south Indian kurma goes well with pulao, biryani, or roti. You can add some green peas and potatoes if you want.

Concluding Thoughts

So, these are amazing and delicious recipes for mushrooms. You can add or remove any ingredient as you want. Try these recipes to fulfill your spicy desire and enjoy!

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