How to Pair Wines With Spicy Indian Food

Wine Pairing With Spicy Indian Food

There is nothing that says Indian food and wine more than spicy Indian food and a glass of wine. So when you want to pair your meal with some good wine, this can be a fun way to go. Here are some tips for using spicy food with wine.

How To Pair Wines With Spicy Dishes

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Naan Or Chapatti

The most obvious choice for Indian food and wine is the naan or chapatti. You will find many Indian recipes for naan, which includes different combinations of rice and lentils along with spices. You can add rice and almonds to make a delicious snack or you can try a recipe where you add spicy powder to the dough. These are the perfect accompaniment to rice and the spice of the recipe adds more flavor to the dish. You may also choose to eat the naan with some pakoras or curries.

Stew From Curried

You can also make a stew from curried or roasted spices. You can use spices like turmeric, cinnamon, cloves and other ground spices in order to make a spicy dish that will match the drink that you are going to serve. This will add more flavor and heat to the stew, which is perfect for pairing with a bottle of wine.

Spicy Curry With Rice

Spicy curry is also a great combination of wine and rice. You can add a spicy variety of rice to the pot and let the rice cook on the stove while you add the curry mixture. Then you can add a bottle of red wine to the pot and watch it simmer. This will add a nice spicy kick to the dish. The flavors from the wine will balance the intensity of the curry and the heat from the rice will be reduced.

If you have a spicy dish that you would like to bring to your dinner party, you can easily make it more flavorful by adding a little bit of hot oil to the curry. For example, if you are making a curry dish with chicken, you can add some fresh lemon juice or honey to the mix. This will help to reduce the heat without losing the flavor of the curry itself.

Another option that you have if you want to pair with spicy dishes with wine is to add more spices. You can even use several spices in one dish and then let them blend together. This will add more heat and flavor to the whole dish and will create a more flavorful dish than if you just use one or two spices.

How To Make Food More Spicy

To make a spicier dish, you can add chilies to your spicy food. or red chili. These will add more heat to the dish and will increase the acidity of the drink as well. It is important to have enough acid in the drink because these spices will add to the flavors of the wine. So if you are not too fond of spicy food or if you do not enjoy the taste of red peppers, then adding these spices will not bother you as much.

You can also include tomatoes to your spicy dish if you are having a meaty type of dish. You can even add tomato paste made out of yogurt to the dish so that it can add more flavor to the sauce.

If you are having a vegetable based dish, you might consider adding lemon to the spicy food to give it an even more sour taste. Adding lemon to the dish will help to reduce the amount of acid that is being added to the dish.

While you are choosing a wine to accompany your spicy food, you might want to make sure that it has a good balance. of acidity and sweetness, which will give your food that full, rich taste that goes with spicy foods.

Summing Up

If you have the right choice of wine for your spicy dishes, you will have a great meal that will leave your guests talking and smiling for days after dinner party. You will be glad that you took the time to find that perfect wine to pair spicy dishes with.

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