How to Make Healthy Spicy Recipes

healthy spicy recipes

Healthy Spicy Recipes is a great way to incorporate more flavor into your life. There is nothing worse than eating a meal that lacks flavor. This is especially true if you have a sweet tooth like I do. The good news is that you can create healthy spicy recipes so that you have the flair without the calories and the fat. These recipes use ingredients that are good for you but do not overpower the flavor.

An Overview

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Most of these recipes involve some sort of hot or spicy ingredient. Whether it be Cayenne chilli, oregano or any other type of hot pepper sauces, most have an excessive amount of fat in them. It is not uncommon to find a restaurant that serves a chili recipe with four ounces of butter or mayonnaise. Granted, most of these are high-fat dishes but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy this type of dish.

As you look at the nutritional facts of these dishes, you should also be aware that you may be increasing your risk of certain health issues. For example, peppermint is rich in antioxidants and can help protect against cancer. That being said you should try to eat moderate amounts of it on a regular basis. If you happen to have problems with your health then you should remove the pepper and take the recipe right off the menu. However, if you have a sweet tooth then go ahead and enjoy the dish.

Best Healthy Recipes

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One of the best healthy spicy recipes that I have found is the shrimp recipe that is featured on the Paleo diet plan. This dish is loaded with flavor. In fact, the sauce that is used on this dish contains over thirty different kinds of peppers that are high in antioxidants. Not only that, the shrimp is also low in saturated fats, which makes this an excellent choice for a side dish. There are several shrimp recipe variations that you can choose from.

My favorite is the black bean dip. You can make this dish using black beans instead of the usual pork products that are often added. When using beans you have the opportunity to use a variety of bean recipes including: adzuki bean salad, pinto bean salad, chickpea salsa, chickpea puree, kidney bean salad and more. Then there is the cumin pesto, which is made using leftover Italian pasta sauce and cumin to give it a spicy flavor. The pesto is topped with shredded sharp cheddar cheese and chopped onion.

Chicken Recipe

Another one of the recipes that you might enjoy is the fried chicken. I love the flavor of this dish because it is full of vegetables as well as spices. Typically, fried chicken is served with barbecue sauce, but you can cook your own version using your own ingredients like Worcestershire sauce and garlic. Some other ingredients like bell pepper, onions, garlic, cumin, and tomatoes provide an awesome kick to this dish.

One other healthy spicy recipes that you might like to try out is the Indian curried chicken. This dish uses all the herbs and spices like cumin, coriander, cumin powder, and dried red chilies that you can find in an Indian grocery store. I have tried several variations of this recipe and the one that I like the best is made using coconut milk instead of water. This makes the dish healthier because coconut milk helps you get rid of g saturated fat, which is prevalent in meat which is high in calories.


If you take the time to look at the ingredients in the above recipe, you will see that they call for high-fat ingredients like bacon, ham, or bacon fat. If you are trying to lose weight then you may want to avoid these since they are very high in calories. Instead you will want to look for low-fat substitutes that you can prepare quickly and easily. If you keep trying you will eventually find some of the best spicy food recipes you have ever had!

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