How To Make Chinese Food Spicy Noodles - How To Make Chinese Food Spicy Noodles -

How To Make Chinese Food Spicy Noodles

Chinese Food Spicy Noodles

Craving for your tasty food at times, even become your fantasy. When you prefer to eat your favorite food, it’s become so special when you hang on with your friends to your favorite places. Enjoying out in bars and a favorite restaurant has always been fun. Suppose we plan with our friends at our place and cook ourselves that becomes even more amazing. We still remember those nights when we planned to stay back with our close friends and enjoyed those times. Chinese food is just a perfect meal as it tastes better than the common Indian meal. It’s quite spicy and crispy that increases the craving more. Below is the recipe for Chinese food spicy noodles.


A bunch of green bananas

•Noodles as per the serving

•Low sodium soy sauce3


•Hot chili oil with pepper solid

•Chopped green onion



Mainly three steps are covered under this. Firstly you need to choose your noodles. Like which brand you want to go for or what size you prefer. Just see to it you take the most appropriate one, which even includes the direction of use at the covering’s back. Among the variety of options, you can choose yours.

Secondly, you need to see is the sauces. Go for a mouthwatering sauce. It should be just as spicy as you wish to have your noodle.

Usually, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and hot chili oil with pepper solids can complete your cooking. If you want to have more, you can add more spices and herbs that suit your taste.

Thirdly you need to garnish it well, so it looks as perfect as you wish. For better appearance, take up some chopped cilantro and green onions. This will add a bit more craving for your meal. You can even add more veggies, including broccoli or capsicum, or any other as per your preference.

It will turn out to be the most delicious Chinese meal that you longed for.


A sandwich on a plate

To start it, we first need to put the noodles in the boiling water. Prefer large pot to get them to distribute evenly. You can even cross-check the package if you are confused about the quantity. After boiling it, you need to drain, rinse with cold water again, drain it, and set aside.

To save upon your time, you can prepare while your noodles are getting boiled. Just take a pan to add some soy sauce, vinegar, and hot chili oil. Mix them well and scoop the pepper solids properly. After that, add chopped green stem onion and cilantro. You can add as per your taste and preference. Once your noodles get cooked, you drain it and either put it into the pan and mix well or you can even spread the mixture over the boiled noodles and mix them well.


This was something about the spicy Chinese noodles which are preferred by spicy food lovers. It just tastes amazing and is a perfect meal for your craving. You can even prefer spring rolls and another Chinese snack if you wish with it. Adding a drink to it completes the combo.

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