How to Make a Spicy Chicken Recipe

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If you love Chinese food and long for the spicy, aromatic flavors of Szechwan or Cantonese, you can learn to make some simple and yet tasty Chinese chicken recipes using the best ingredients available. Spicy chicken is a very popular choice among lovers of Chinese food. This is probably because the taste of the traditional bird is so strong that the aroma is also strong and it reminds one of the many spices that are used in Chinese cooking. Some people who have moved away from China and to other parts of the world might be surprised at how easy and simple Chinese recipes for chicken can be made by using ingredients available outside China. Here are some of the popular recipes using ingredients commonly found in the kitchens of the cities around the world.

Chicken With Pepper

A plate of food on a table

This is one of the most famous Chinese chicken recipes that many people have tried and enjoyed. This uses a mix of chilli pepper, crushed garlic, chili oil, and soy sauce to marinate the chicken for several hours before cooking. All the ingredients can be prepared together four days in advance and kept in the refrigerator. A few days before, the marinade should be mixed and ready to use.

Chinese Duck Breast Recipe

A plate of food on a table

This recipe originated from the Szechwan region of China. It is basically a thin slice of duck breast. The main ingredients are boneless, skinless chicken breast meat, vinegar, and sugar. Bring to a boil, add the vinegar mixture, cover for about five minutes, and cook for another five minutes. Serve with Mandarin oranges for an authentic Mandarin taste.

Chinese Chicken Recipes With Pork

This is another of the famous Chinese chicken recipes. To prepare this recipe, you need three boneless, skinless chicken breasts, washed thoroughly and allowed to drain. Combine one tablespoon of sesame oil, four tablespoons of soy sauce, and four teaspoons of Chinese shaoxing wine or dark beer, and mix thoroughly. Form mixture into two cups and add it to a large sauce pan. Add the chicken breasts, reduce the heat to low, and simmer for about fifteen minutes. When done, place in your vacuum seal and refrigerate.

Chinese Steamed Duck

This recipe originated in Inner Mongolia, China. This recipe is especially served when a large family is gathered to eat dinner. This dish is usually made up of three parts: duck livers, chicken, and vegetables. Duck livers are first cleaned and then rinsed, while the chicken and vegetables are placed on a big pan with hot oil, and allowed to go to cook.

Chinese Steamed Rabbit

This recipe originated from Anhui Province of China. This dish is cooked using boneless, hairless rabbit. The recipe uses corn starch, which is used to soak the rabbit meat in. It is then prepared by smearing it all over with the starch, before cooking for about two hours.

Fried Duck

This recipe originates from Hangzhou in eastern China. The ingredients are duck and shrimp, which are marinated in batter to make them softer. To make the recipe more interesting, vinegar and honey are used as sweeteners. This dish is best enjoyed when steamed with vegetables. Other interesting recipes include seafood and beef.


These Chinese food recipes with chicken are definitely so good that you would want to prepare this every time you host dinner parties at your home. In fact, these dishes can also be enjoyed by yourself without having to invite your friends. You can simply get Chinese chicken soup that has been marinated in soy sauce and have a bowl of it before going to bed. This will help you ease the pain of the spicy Chinese food that you eat.

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