How to Make a Homemade Red Sauce -

How to Make a Homemade Red Sauce

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However, one thing that remains common in every part of India is the ubiquitous presence of the red sauce Spicy Food. Here, we take a look at the origin of this popular sauce, which has traveled across the world and adapted itself to each region.

History Of Homemade Red Sauce

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According to reports, the Red sauce got its name from the Sanskrit word, “Roti,” meaning “pot.” When boiled in water, the sauce was flavored with spices like turmeric, red chili powder, black pepper powder, cumin powder, and salt. To make it more flavorful, the mixtures were then deep-fried. Later, the basic ingredients were changed into red and green chilies, along with the milk and gram flour. The first recipe for this Indian food is believed to have been introduced by the British during their rule in India in the 19th century.

During the British rule, the red sauce was made with some white shavings of the pigeon’s egg. The white shavings are called “mool daal” in Hindi. Today, the term “mool daal” is commonly used to refer to any type of dry fruit, especially mangoes and cashews. Mool daal adds a nice flavor to the Indian curries and other dishes.

Popularity Of The Red Sauce Spread

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The popularity of the red sauce spread among the Indian population and soon, it became a favorite in all restaurants. In the modern times, the recipe has made its way not only to the restaurants but also to the homes of Indian middle class citizens. As the saying goes, “Taste the authenticity wherever you go!” With its success, the popularity of this Indian food is now widespread all over the world. Truly, this red sauce is no less than a wonder in the culinary world.

In fact, with the advancement of technology, you can make this Indian recipe right at your very own home. All you need is a high-quality, well-tested kitchen gadget such as the Indian food processor or the Indian food microwave which can make this authentic Indian mushroom red sauce. This special recipe can be easily prepared for the purpose of cooking, dining or melting. It comes in many variants, each of which is popular among different types of Indian population.

Several Varieties That You Can Try Out

There are several varieties that you can try out: Firstly, Gobi Khatta (or Garlic Red Sauce), Masala Chutney (or Indian Red Chili sauce), Sambar, Chutneys and Pickles are a few famous ones. You can choose any or more than the given recipes for preparing this Indian red sauce for your family, friends and guests. Another very popular type of this Indian food is the ‘Indian Chaat’. It is a spicy, mouthwatering, sour-sweet, thick and delicious soup of many kinds.

Bottom Lines

You can also try out this delicious Indian recipe in your daily meals. You can make it for your family, friends and guests who will be re-visiting your house. You can make this delicious Indian red sauce for any of your special occasions like birthday parties, weddings, festivals and other festivals when the whole family gets together. You can serve it with a plain meal or any side dish. This red sauce is not only great tasting but also healthy too.

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