How to Choose the Best Chinese Food Names - How to Choose the Best Chinese Food Names -

How to Choose the Best Chinese Food Names

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You can tell the best Chinese food names just by the way the Chinese name them. There are a number of different names for Chinese food in the US, Canada and even Europe. One word for chili is Szechuan. There is also Longan which is from the region of Manchuria and Dunan which is from the province of Yunnan in China. In the UK, our favorite chili is Bao from Manchester and that’s also from Szechwan.

If you really want to find out what the best Chinese food names are, then you need to take it a little deeper. The first part of the name can come from two words. The first one is for a type of fish – baan (Chinese river fish). The other word for fish – man (Chinese dragon) – originates from the city of Ganzhou in China.

An Overview

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Now that you know the source of the food name, you can go a bit deeper into the nomenclature. For example, there are a few dishes that actually have an additional word before the name. Take the dish Shark which in Mandarin means “left over”. The word for this dish is presumably something like “leftovers”.

Spicy dishes often end in a transliterated version of their name. One such name is Maoming Tiger which translates as “Fierce Fatty”. Another one is Manjiri which means “Insomnia”. Naming these dishes with actual words that come from the original language helps give them a more authentic feel.

Some names are actually based on a city in China where the dish originated. The most famous is Hangzhou which is well known for its pancakes. To get a more accurate translation, the best one would be Hainan which means “Jungalo”. In addition to these unique locations, there are literally thousands of different places that use Chinese elements in their recipes making finding the best one difficult.

Appealing Names

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A lot of Chinese cities like Beijing and Nanjing in particular have very specific names for certain types of food. In Nanjing, for instance, you will find the best Chinese food names being very specific. Here, you will find the most commonly used Chinese ingredients being seafood, vegetables and meat. There are even regional names for certain local places like those in Fujian Province, which is named after certain river branches.

Most regions have their own unique names for the spicy food that they produce. You will find many names such as Szechwan which is for Szechuan, and Yunnan, which is for Hunan. In these regions, there are many different regions where they grow so they have various spices coming out of them. It has been said that the trademark of these regions is the very spiciest part of their food – if you can find this part, you have a good dish. For example, Szechwan would have very spicy pork whereas the Hunan region’s signature is sweet and sour pork.

Other Famous Names

Other famous Chinese food names come from the fact that they are very rich in spices as well as in foods that are eaten with it. The name for the country of Szechwan is derived from the Chinese word “Szech” for spice and “wan” for wheat, which is used in the preparation of their spicy wheat based bread and cakes. There are many other regions with different names but they are simply a part of the Chinese cultural heritage and are named as such.

If you are looking for Chinese food names, then you should look online to see all of the options you have. You will be amazed at how many different Chinese regions there are because each one of them tastes and is different. You might want to try a few and see which one you like the best because it is all created by its own unique ingredients.

You will find that there are many name brands as well. There are some of the most famous ones that you may have heard of like Ka Long and Maui Jim. There are some more obscure ones that are great when you are creating your own recipes or if you are wanting to name your own Szechuan dishes. When you are looking at food names for Chinese food, you need to remember that they should have a specific meaning as well as a name. They are not just words that you place on a bag and call your own.


Some of the best Chinese food is going to be found in the area you live in. It is possible that you do not find the exact dish that you are looking for in your local Chinese restaurant. You should always try and keep trying because you never know when you are going to find the best tasting food available. Chinese food is some of the best you will have ever had. Take your time finding the best one that is out there. Once you have created your own dishes with the best Chinese food available, you can then share them with your friends and family.

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