How Spicy Chinese Food Near Me Affects My Symptoms -

How Spicy Chinese Food Near Me Affects My Symptoms

spicy chinese food near me

The Chinese believe that when you bite into spicy Chinese food that your body will be cleansed through the “Yin-yang” energy. The “Yin” is connected to your sex and the “yang” is connected to your blood, and is also related to your health. When you consume a certain substance, this triggers an energetic shift in your body, and it can result in many different side effects. The major ones are:

Increased body temperature:

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As mentioned above, spicy Chinese food can increase your body temperature beyond the norm. In addition, if you consume a lot of garlic, onions, or onions you can actually cause your body to be burned from within because of the sulfur effect. When you get a fever, your lymph nodes can swell up due to fluid loss in the groin area. This is why you feel warm to the touch. This same concept applies to swollen lymph nodes that accompany jaundice: your lymph nodes will appear yellowed and somewhat sore because of the yellow fluids.

Sharp aching pain:

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Because your lymph nodes are located in the groin area, the area is a prime location for painful swelling. Chinese doctors have found that the groin area is a common site for swollen lymph nodes due to blocked energy lines. When you eat garlic, the blocked energy line in your gut can easily move to the groin area. This can cause a sharp aching pain from your groin to your butt.

Hot flashes:

Hot flashes can be felt all over your body, but they are most often felt in the groin area. Your lymph glands will become extremely sensitive to heat. When they become overheated, they produce large amounts of sweat, which then can build up in your groin area. You may also experience a lot of embarrassing odor as a result of having a hot flash. Many women avoid spicy Chinese foods because they associate it with hot flashes, but they can actually cause them!

Swollen glands:

Because your glands are located so close to your groin, they can become swollen and enlarged. The enlarged glands can then produce more fluid, which causes swelling in your groin. When your glands become swollen, they can also press against each other, causing a squeezing sensation that can feel similar to a tight rubber band being squeezed. This can leave a rash or mild itching sensation. When you eat Chinese food, these swollen glands near me might also get agitated, and that will lead to additional symptoms!

Other Things You Need To Know

I’ve never been one to turn down a chance to try new Chinese food near me. In fact, if I don’t like it, I won’t dare try it. I think that when people start suffering with serious ailments, it’s probably time for them to take a hard look at their diet. If they don’t like the way something affects their body, then it’s probably time to make some changes!

Of course, just because I was eating spicy Chinese food near me, doesn’t mean that I’m automatically allergic to it. I might have had one or two dishes with it, but it’s probably safe to say that my body can cope with the spice. I probably wouldn’t get these symptoms at first, but I definitely felt some burning or discomfort after a bit of Chinese food near me. It didn’t last long, and I’m glad that I didn’t have to deal with it too long. I can breathe easy knowing that I’m not allergic to Chinese food!

But the best advice that I can give to someone who’s suffering from this condition is: If it hurts when you’re eating spicy food near you, then it might be the spicy food! Try adjusting the dish around. If you can’t handle the heat, then simply move to a different area of the restaurant. Keep tasting the other dishes to see if you enjoy the other cuisine (but don’t try to force a favorite cuisine on yourself! ), and don’t eat too much if you start to get sick (the food poisoning has probably gone away by the time you get back home). Enjoy your travels, and hopefully you’ll find a comfortable Chinese restaurant soon!

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