How Did Japanese Spicy Food Get Its Start?

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Many people who do not speak the Japanese language often wonder about the origins of the Japanese spicy food and why it was originally served. While there are theories as to how spicy food originated, no one can really answer that question without knowing the exact origin of the Japanese. In any case, Japanese spicy food is not only served in Asian restaurants, but it has also become popular in American restaurants.

Most people think that spicy food was developed in Asia because all the major civilizations in Asia have spices, like garlic, onions and pepper. However, there is another explanation as to why spicy food is so widely served in Asian countries. It might be because many of the early Chinese immigrants brought this food with them when they immigrated to America. As a result, Americans and Europeans have taken to eating hot and spicy foods.

Rice As The Main Ingredient

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Korean spicy food also comes from Korea. People there used to prepare this type of food using rice as the main ingredient. It was only when rice cultivation was introduced to Japan that they learned to use different grains as well. With the advent of Japanese rice farming, they were able to harvest more rice which they could use in preparing spicy food. Therefore, the dish known as Jjigae was born.

In Japan itself, the people have been using spicy food for ages. It is often made at the same time as the rice dish. In other words, Japanese spicy food is very similar to Chinese food. Most people who come to Japan are familiar with spicy food and Japanese restaurants have a wide variety of spicy food on offer. However, it has become popular among American restaurants because the dish can be prepared at home with ingredients found in most supermarkets and cookware.

First Originated

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When thinking about the history of the Japanese spicy food, there is much speculation as to the exact date of when it first originated. Some people believe that the dish was first created around the 8th century, which is the approximate time that the Japanese Buddhism religion was born. While others believe that it was created during the 12th century. There are some who believe that Japanese spicy food began to gain popularity in America during the 19th century. However, there is still no concrete evidence as to prove or disprove this claim.

History Of Japanese Cuisine

The history of Japanese cuisine has given rise to some recipes that are still used today. For example, there are several versions of the “Korean-style” soup called name. and also the “Korean-style” ramen.

Although it is difficult to believe that such a simple dish such as Korean spicy food actually evolved into something as complex and tasty as the dish that you see today, there is no doubt that this type of cooking has become more popular than traditional Japanese cuisine. There are many different variations of Japanese spicy food, from the basic to the more sophisticated and there is even an entire industry devoted to catering to the needs of those who want to be served this dish.

Summing Up

If you are looking to enjoy this special dish at your next vacation, you might want to consider taking a class at a Japanese restaurant that offers the dishes that are known to be the origin of the original Japanese spicy food. Many of the recipes can be found in books in the English language or online, but if you prefer to go straight to the source, you can always try a Japanese restaurant and see for yourself how it is prepared.

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