How Can You Prepare The Quick Tasty Chili Chicken Recipe

It is all about balance in some dishes. The same can be said about the chili chicken. Unless you have the balance right, the recipe might not turn the way you expect it to be. However, sometimes we do have the time to prepare a decent meal for ourselves.


When preparing a meal for your family members, make sure that the ingredients are healthy and wholesome. With so many things to see and take care, it’s not going to be easy. Cooking Chinese recipes like the chili chicken gives you the opportunity to prepare something unique and tasty.


Prepare The Quick Chili Chicken Recipe


The chili chicken recipe does not take a whole day to prepare. With a few ingredients, you are done. Use a flat surface Wok. The Wok is a standard cooking pan in China.


You will find a Wok in any Chinese home. This vessel can retain the flame heat and cooks the food quickly, which is also nutritious. Chili chicken does not mean that it’s full of spices and chili.


Depending on your spice requirements, you can add the chili powder. Furthermore, this cuisine is known for its simplicity. A chicken dish prepared with love and affection will get high fives from your family.


The ingredients for the chili chicken include extra-virgin olive oil and large chicken thighs attached to the bones and skin.  You can also use ground cloves, diced seeded red bell peppers, sliced onions, and golden raisins.


Furthermore, you need some chopped pitted green olives, bay leaves, peeled garlic cloves, chopped Serrano Chile, jasmine rice rinsed and drained, and chicken broth. Once you have all these ingredients, you are ready to go.


With the help of a Wok, heat some oil on high flame. Put the chicken along with the pepper, salt, and ground cloves. Add the spices to it and cook the entire content for a few minutes.

How Can You Prepare The Quick Tasty Chili Chicken Recipe

How Can You Prepare The Quick Tasty Chili Chicken Recipe


Cooking The Quick Chili Chicken Recipe

Transfer the chicken to another pan. Discard the remaining fat and oils from the Wok. Then pour some oil in it, and cook the raisins, bell peppers, onion, garlic, olives, bay leaves, and chili paste.


Saute the contents and cook it for a few more minutes. Usually, this should take less than 5 minutes on the Wok. Add the chicken to the rice and begin to cook by using the broth.

How Can You Prepare The Quick Tasty Chili Chicken Recipe

How Can You Prepare The Quick Tasty Chili Chicken Recipe

Cook this dish on medium flame. Furthermore, you can reduce the flame and let it simmer for some time. The rice and chicken need to become soft and tender.


There you have it. The chili chicken of your style is ready. Cooking Chinese recipes gives you the freedom to add your flavors and tastes. Therefore, when inviting your friends or colleagues, you know how to impress them.


You can even show off your cooking skills to them. Cooking ingredients for Chinese cuisine is simple. Most of them would probably be put to use by you at some point or the other.