Hot Spicy Chinese Food In The Making - Hot Spicy Chinese Food In The Making -

Hot Spicy Chinese Food In The Making

hot spicy chinese food

What do you do when you crave for hot spicy chinese food? You tap onto the online food delivery app and start exploring, right? But have you stopped to fathom how it would be to make them right at the comfort of your home? This way you would learn about the techniques and also make them whenever you want. This will also help you save some bucks, and you can have the spice level of your own choice. Now, if you are a beginner in the art of cooking, even then, there is no chance of disappointment. That is because we will help you out so that even you can be a pro at making hot spicy Chinese food like the restaurants.

Learn About The Spices First-Hot Spicy Chinese Food

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Even before cooking, you need to have a deep knowledge regarding the ingredients that you will use. You should be able to identify the various spices as well as how intense they can be. Also it is important to gain knowledge about the various cuisines and what spice you should put in which dish. For example, in the case of Chinese foods, the Sichuan flavor comes from the Sichuan peppers, and it is mostly hot because of the chili oil. In the case of the Japanese dishes, you will have to use ingredients like Wasabi. Some of the spices that you should know are- Jalapenos, crushed red pepper, chile pepper, Allspice, and curry powder.

Start In Small Quantity-Hot Spicy Chinese Food

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It is always a good thing to start your cooking method in small quantities, not to feel too much of the hotness. For example, if you ask us, we would tell you to start with the habanero peppers. Add small amounts of the spices to each one of your dishes and taste it. Remember that you can always add more of the spice later on, but you cannot take it out once it is already added. Try to experiment with more than one kind of hot sauce to find out the one that you like the most. If you cook something aromatic like Hakka noodles, you can put some crushed pepper to brin out the heavenly smell.

Increase The Heat- But Slowly!

Always take baby steps when it comes to increasing the heat content in the food. Taste the food and see whether you can tolerate it. Also, the entire food is not going to be about you only, so you have to keep your entire family’s spice tolerance in mind. If you use a pepper that is too much spicy, you can reduce the heat by taking out the seeds. Instead of habanero, you can try habanero cut into pieces. Try to serve the hot content on the side where people can add it in the form of a sauce. This works way better than putting the spice directly inside the dish where you cannot take it out if the spice feels intolerable.


Now making hot spicy chinese food is no longer going to be rocket science for you can you can make it without any delays. So grab the ingredients and hit the kitchen right now.

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