Homemade Pickled Hot Peppers Recipe

Preparing Some Lovely Pickled Hot Peppers

Pickled hot peppers are ideal for preparing during the summer months. You have a wide range of hot peppers to choose from during the season. Some of them can be grown right in your backyard.

Preparing Some Lovely Pickled Hot Peppers
Preparing Some Lovely Pickled Hot Peppers

It is fun too. When you are bored of the usual cooking and dining during weekends, you can prepare a pickle with your kids. It is exciting and exciting for the kids to help you out. These foods that are preserved using less salt can last up to a year.

Preparation Of Pickled Hot Peppers

So, your time and effort do not go for waste. The first we have for you is the hot pepper relish. The name does matter, but the ingredients do. To prepare it, you will need some salt, granulated sugar, hot pepper sauce, sliced onions, and white vinegar.

Take a mixing bowl and mix all of them. Then you will want to cover the pan and allow it to be idle for a few hours. You can then add the white vinegar and granulated sugar. You would want to cook the ingredients in a medium-size pan for 45 minutes.

Once you have finished preparing the pickles, you must store them carefully in jars with a secure seal. You can open them after a week, and it should last you for about a year. Depending on the quantity you require, you would want to prepare it.

Preparing Some Lovely Pickled Hot Peppers
Preparing Some Lovely Pickled Hot Peppers

You would want to know that the hot habanero sauce is one of the hottest in the world. Do not at any moment, put your hands directly on your face or eyes even by accident. If you do, then you need to wash it immediately.

You would be advised to make use of gloves instead because you are going to handle the chilies directly. They are hot; you can bet your life on that. Once you done with the recipe, you would want to wash your hands thoroughly.

The ingredients for the recipe include plum tomatoes, habanero chilies, unpeeled garlic cloves, water, one orange and one grapefruit, pepper, and salt for taste. You will want to make use of a skillet or saucepan and heat it on medium flame.

Add the chilies, garlic, and tomatoes and cook for 15 minutes. You need to see that the mixture is completely brown and cooked. Let it cool down and then place the contents of the saucepan inside a blender.

Once you have blended the mixture a few times, you can add the chilies after deseeding them. Now, you can peel the garlic and add it into the blender. Some grapefruit, orange juice, and water can be added.

Proper Pickle Blending

Preparing Some Lovely Pickled Hot Peppers

You need to blend them until they become a mixture. Now, you can season it with some pepper and salt. Your spicy and hot pickled hot peppers are ready to go. Be careful when using it and when eating the pickle, so that it does not burn your mouth or hands.

When storing food items in the refrigerator, you need to think. That is because they tend to absorb all the odor of the food items placed in there. Hence, you are doing yourself no favors when you put them in there.

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