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Ways To Make The Merguez Sausage

Methods To Make The Merguez Sausage At Home

Merguez sausage is a famous sausage that is consumed by people all over the world. You would want to know that it is a spicy dish. A lot of spice goes into it and is involved in here. Spicy food is right for your health.

Methods To Make The Merguez Sausage At Home

You would have heard about people warning you from consuming spicy food. How wrong they were. Spicy food comes with its own set of health benefits. For example, it is suitable for digestion.

It does that by increasing the secretions that take place inside the stomach. As that occurs, the flow of the blood to the stomach increased significantly, and the mucus lining increased too. The mucus lining helps in fighting ulcers that take place in the stomach.

Methods To Make The Merguez Sausage

Here is an interesting recipe that called the lamb merguez sausage patties. You will learn how to prepare the Merguez sausage using few ingredients. However, don’t feel shy using the spice in there.

Merguez Sausage

To prepare the lamb merguez sausage patties, you need some ground cumin, salt, fennel seeds, ground cinnamon, and some ground coriander. The cloves of the garlic should peel, ground turmeric, harissa, lean lamb meat, tomato paste, and some olive oil.

The dish derives its inspiration from Italy, where a lot of sausages is prepared and made. The lamb merguez sausage patties take about 1 day and 20 minutes to prepare. To prepare it, you will need to combine the fennel seeds and salt.

Methods To Make The Merguez Sausage At Home.
Methods To Make The Merguez Sausage At Home

Place them inside the mortar and then grind them using a pestle. These are traditional methods used in here. Some recipes require these kinds of unconventional ways to prepare the food.

Then you will want to add the cinnamon, cumin, garlic cloves, salt mixture, coriander, and turmeric. As you know, turmeric comes with several health properties and used in here. You need to make a thick paste.

Alternate Method

Hence, add water sparingly and not too much or it will become too diluted. You can add in the tomato paste and harissa sauce in a mixing bowl and stir them well. You need to mix the spice paste and ground lamb using a fork.

Finally, you should cover the mixing bowl and refrigerate for 12 hours at least. Now, when you want to prepare the patties, you need to use a large saucepan or skillet. You can either make use of a skillet or saucepan.

Both will get the job done. It needs to make sure that the pan is hot enough with oil when you add the patties to fry. Pour some olive oil into the skillet or saucepan. Then make the mixture in the form of round patties.

Place the flame on medium to high. When you cook the patties, you can reduce the flame to medium. The patties have to prepare until they become brown on the inside. It usually takes a few minutes on both sides.

It depends on the size of the patties you have placed on the skillet. Your patties are ready. It is a good idea to add some herbs when preparing it from a health point of view. You can increase or decrease the amount of paprika in there depending on your taste.

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