Effects Of Eating Spicy And Reaction


Eating spicy can heat up your body very quickly. Several people love eating spicy most of the time. However, spicy food can have different effects on your body. There are both pros and cons of eating spicy and hot food. Experts say that your body’s reaction to eating spicy food is similar to burning or moving under the scorching sun. There are lots of reasons behind such happening. The principal answer lies in the fact that spicy and hot food excite the same receptor of the body that usually responds to heat. Moreover, these organs react in the same way to these foods as they respond to extreme temperatures.

Eating Spicy Can Make Your Body Heated

The receptors which these foods affect are known as pain fibers. They generally respond while you get any cuts or burns or when you are under sweltering temperatures. The spicy food has the same effect on these organs because it acts as a chemical. Also, the central nervous system becomes confused due to such substance. This is because spice items like red chilies give rise to an ambiguous neural response. As a result, the body reacts like a heated one. However, an interesting question that can trigger in your mind is, how the brain will be able to differentiate between the time you are eating spicy or when you are exposed to extreme heat. But, still, now this is not clear to any scientist. However, there is a probability that the brain can decide based on the type of stimuli it receives from outside.

Effects Of Eating Spicy And Reaction Of Your Body
Effects Of Eating Spicy And Reaction Of Your Body

Mysterious Activities Of The Body After Eating Spicy Food

Everything in the body happens due to the central nervous system. This system is the prime reason for any reaction of the body. It reacts according to the response of the sensory system. Most people think misinterprets the burning sensation of spicy food to be another taste. Also, in such a condition, two different sensory organs operate simultaneously. However, the receptors that respond to heat are polymodal nociceptors. Spicy food and burns or heat, both innervate the tongue in the same fashion. Capsaicin triggers the paining sensation. Moreover, menthol also acts in the same manner. It stimulates those fibers that respond to cold temperatures. This is the reason why we call products containing menthol as ‘Icy Hot.’ It is a mystery of the various organs of the body when it reacts hot and when cold. The sensations of capsaicin and menthol are the opposite. The chemical elements of them confuse the pain receptors. The purpose of these receptors is to identify critical events like inflammation or skin damages, etc. When you are injured, then the receptors respond, making you feel the irritation in the skin.

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Effects Of Eating Spicy And Reaction Of Your Body

Menthol and capsaicin react in almost the same manner. Both of them stimulate both hot and cold receptors. Also, due to this, the brain receives an ambiguous signal. Generally, capsaicin, aroused by spicy food, sends two messages at one time to the brain. One says that it is an intense stimulus, and the other indicates that it is warm. Both of these tend to cause a burning sensation or a feeling of pain in the body. Hence, the reaction of consumption of hot and spicy food is the same as that of burning or heated sensation.