Chinese Recipes Spicy Varieties

The Chinese recipes have always used several variations in their cooking styles and traditions.


Just by the smell and aroma that fills the air, you can easily identify that you have a Chinese neighbor. How they present their foods is something worth admiring. Therefore, to prepare Chinese recipes is nothing less than an art.

The fragrance, the dishes colors and the aroma are the most talked about in Chinese cuisine. They come in a wide range of colors like red, black, white, yellow, caramel, and green. Therefore, many Chinese households prepare their food by depending on their mood and occasions.


Chinese Recipes Foodstuff Variations And Benefits


Chinese recipes have more focus on the nutrition of the food. Hence, the Chinese respect their food traditions and food in general. Furthermore, table manners when eating food is vital. It has been this way for centuries.

They take their cooking, presentation, and eating very seriously. For example, too much talking, especially during meal times, is discouraged. Instead, you can be reassured to relish the meal. And yes, you can slurp and burp.

The Chinese give their whole concentration when preparing food and they consume it in delight. Hosts love it when guests have a smile on their face when eating their food. Another exciting feature of Chinese food preparation is that they do not prepare it in excess.

In a sense, if four people are waiting at the table, then they prepare food sufficiently for them. A Chinese host does not cook in abundance. If you finish your dish, then they have to prepare food again.

Therefore, make sure to consume food within limits. For example, two helpings of the soup, rice, curries, and dessert, if provided, is sufficient for the most considerable belly. Furthermore, most  Chinese food items are filling and you can leave the place with a full stomach.

Chinese love to use herbs in their foods. Hence, it is not surprising that most of them do not use medication for the flu or cold. Instead, they consume soups and herbal curries.

They commonly use herbs, such as scallions, lily buds, ginger, garlic, tree fungus, in cooking. The Chinese recipes are based on medicinal properties embedded in their food items.

Chinese Recipes: Spicy Varieties To Try

Cookery Varieties Of Cooking Chinese Dishes


Most of the Chinese dishes are low in calories and fat. Chinese do not appreciate too much sugar in their food items. They end their meals with fruit on a special occasion. Otherwise, they like to start with soup, then move on to rice, two main dishes, and a side dish.

Therefore, you have around four to five dishes for a meal. In many Chinese homes, the use of refrigerators is discouraged. They feel that food cooked during the day, must be consumed by nightfall. Furthermore, they eat their meals with the help of chopsticks.

Chinese Recipes: Spicy Varieties To Try

In many American towns and cities, you can find Chinese restaurants that serve dishes with chopsticks. It is fun and exciting to eat food with chopsticks. Furthermore, they do not recommend the use of forks and knives because they feel it resembles violence.

Some of the most common preparations in China include Hakka, Shanghai, Hunan, Mandarin, Szechwan, and Cantonese. Finally, Chinese recipes can give you many surprises, as they use almost all parts of the animals meat. You can therefore find shark fins, bird’s nest soup, sour pork, and so on.