Best South Indian Food Spicy That You Can Eat -

Best South Indian Food Spicy That You Can Eat

south indian food spicy

South Indian food has its own flavors and it tastes different than the food that is served in the rest of the country. The dishes are different and the flavors that are there in the food are also unique. There are many dishes that you must try if you travel to South India but if you eat spicy food then there are some recommendations that we have and you must try these. You will easily find these dishes anywhere at restaurants and if you do then you must try them. The dishes mentioned in the list are spicy and taste awesome and you can also make them at home which is great. The recipes are available online and you can easily find them and make these dishes at home and make your family members also enjoy them with you. Here is the list of the South Indian food spicy that you can try and this South Indian food spicy tastes awesome. 

Chicken 65

A bowl of food with broccoli

This is one of the dishes that you must-try because it tastes amazing and also the flavors are so awesome. You will get tanginess and spiciness in one dish which is amazing and also the dish is easy to make. The chunky chicken pieces and the spicy chicken 65 masala is what makes the dish unique and very flavorful. You will love the different flavors that will erupt in your mouth and you will love the way that these will taste. The recipe of this dish is also very simple so you can try to make it at home if you are not finding it at a restaurant.

Hyderabadi Biryani

A bowl filled with many different types of food on a table

South Indians know their biryani and if you are in there then this one thing that you must-try. It is a simple dish but the flavors are so many that you will be lost. There are so many different types of biryani available that you will be confused and they all taste amazing so the choice is hard. You will also get biryani with different kinds of meats like chicken and mutton so you need to make a choice regarding which one you want to eat. There are many different places that offer different kinds of biryani so you can go to those places and try it for yourself. 

Tomato Chutney

This is one thing that you can eat with anything like dosa, rice, idli, etc. It will help you satiate your spicy cravings which is awesome. The chutney is healthy and tasty and the spices will make you very happy. You will find it at all South Indian restaurants and you must try it to get that spicy feeling in your mouth.


These are the best South Indian food spicy that you can find and you will love the flavors that these dishes have to offer. South India is the place for awesome food and you must visit once so that you can try all the different kinds of food for yourself and see whether it suits your spicy cravings or not. 

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