A Unique Indian Sweet and Spice

indian sweet and spice

An ever expanding niche in the fast food industry, Indian Sweet and Spice is becoming an increasingly popular choice of recipe in American and European kitchens. Compact, delicious bakery offering traditional Indian sweet and snack foods on a small counter-service counter-style serving station. The restaurant started by siblings in 1969 is located in the heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It has expanded into serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and even Sunday brunch. Many local restaurateurs praise Indian Sweet and Spice for its unique take on an American sweet – but the food of choice may be different than you think!

What are we to know about this mouthwatering sweet? History notes mention of King Humayun’s (H.M.) ‘chili diwali’ which literally means ‘fire-dipped fish curry’. Likely reference was made to this sweet at that time because of it being cooked in coconut oil.

An Overview

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Indian Sweet and Spice is a hybrid of three varieties of India-wide sweet dishes. These include Roti Pudina, Kaju Barfi and Spices. These three varieties of Indian sweet have different sweet flavors and usage of different spices varying from one variety to another. But most importantly they all are spiced. This is probably the biggest influence on their recipes.

Roti Pudina is a sweet curry dish made of chick peas in spices. The most common spices used are turmeric powder, fennel seeds and cinnamon. The sweetness and flavor of Roti Pudina is more enhanced with the inclusion of cream. The combination of cream and turmeric powder creates a deep, creamy consistency with lots of flavor.

Kaju Barfi is a mildly spicy and mildly sweet dish. The main ingredients used for Kaju Barfi are mustard seeds, black pepper powder, fennel seeds, cardamom and cumin powder. Kaju Barfi is very popular all over the country as it can be prepared in different ways depending on your choice and the availability of spices.

Indian Sweets and Spices

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Spices also play an important role in many popular Indian sweet recipes. The most commonly used spices for Indian cooking in the country are black and red chilies. Both these chilies have a unique taste in comparison to other chilies. And when mixed with coconut milk, its unique taste becomes even more enhanced. One of the major reasons for this is that it plays an important role in balancing the acidity levels of the body to ensure that the dish tastes right.

There are several versions of traditional Indian recipes. But one thing is common in almost all the recipes. The ingredients used are always sugar, milk and spices. Indian sweets and treats can be taken as a snack, dessert or for other purposes. Sweet and savory treats are one of the major contributors to diabetes because of high levels of fat and other calories that are present in them.

For people who cannot stick to their diets, the sweet and spicy dishes are the best. It is much healthier than the other alternatives that we have around. You can find this Indian sweet and spice at the local supermarkets, online and even the exotic and expensive malls in your area. If you cannot seem to find any at your local store, you will surely find it online because there are hundreds of online stores that sell these sweet products from different suppliers all around the world. So enjoy the sweet and spicy flavors in your food and stay fit at the same time.

To make a traditional sweet and spice, you need to find out the different types of ingredients that are used in the recipe. Generally, these are sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and pepper. Some of the spices that are also added are coriander seeds, green chillies and cumin. When you have these ingredients ready, you can start preparing for your recipe. When the sweet is ready, it will be ready for consumption.

Bottom Line

First, you will add all the ingredients in a sauce pan. Heat the spices and sugar over a low heat. Once the ingredients are mixed and heated, you will pour them into little cups and add a few drops of water. Stir and blend well until the sweet has completely melted and the consistency of the drink is velvety.

Once the sweet and spice mixture is ready, you can serve it to your guests with a plate of fried rice. Make sure that your guests are very impressed by the sweet and spicy dish. You can surprise your friends with your unique recipe.

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