8 Surprising Benefits of Spicy Food

Benefits of Spicy Food

While some people don’t like spicy food, many love it. Some people don’t eat spicy stuff thinking it’s not good for their body. In reality, spicy food can benefit you in the ways you are unaware of. So, before saying no to hot peppers, hot sauce, or that chili soup, get to know the benefits of spicy food.

Benefits Of Spicy Food Items

Benefits of spicy food items are many – from keeping heart-healthy to promoting weight-loss. Discussed below are major benefits of the hot & spicy food items in detail:

Surprising Benefits of Spicy Food
8 Surprising Benefits of Spicy Food

Keeps Heart Healthy

Many studies have shown that spicy items like red chili and cayenne peppers work effectively in lowering bad cholesterol aka LDL. This subsequently improves heart health and lessens the risks of strokes and attacks. According to the American Chemical Society, capsaicin found in spicy items like peppers fights inflammation, one of the major reasons behind hearth diseases including attacks.

Boosts Good Mood

Spicy food is said to encourage the production of hormones that reduce the risk of depression or stress. So, whenever you find yourself in a bad mood, grab a spicy soup or something like cayenne peppers. You can also make spicy food recipes like spicy hot dogs, buffalo hot wings, spicy sausage soup, or hot shrimp soup.

Prevents Flu

Many hot and spicy food items have antioxidants that boost immune health and helps against cold and fungal infections. Consumption of these food items also reduces congestion. So, reduce fungal pathogens by gulping hot soups or other spicy items. Trigger your immune system by trying wasabi or chili peppers in cold weather. You can also sprinkle some hot sauce on meat, grains, or veggies.

Promotes Weight-Loss

The New York Times claims that spicy food items boost metabolism to about 8% which eventually leads to fat burning. This happens because of the thermogenic process that occurs upon eating spicy food which eventually generates heat. This heat subsequently burns additional calories. So, before you decide to sweat, grab a bowl of spicy soup and you are sure to get rid of that excess fat quickly.

Lowers Blood Pressure

As already mentioned, spicy food generates heat which eventually increases the blood circulation in the body. This subsequently lowers blood pressure and contributes to a strong cardiovascular system.

Keeps Cancer At Bay

When we talk about the benefits of spicy food, it does well when it comes to destroying cancer cells. Yes, that is correct as per The American Cancer Society which claims that the compound capsaicin can reduce the formation of prostate cancer cells without harming the other cells. It is also found that turmeric, a popular Indian spice can slow down the growth of cancerous tumors. You can half a glass of milk and add some turmeric powder in it. One can also combine turmeric powder with chili pepper and black pepper and use them in soups. You can also sprinkle these hot spices on a salad or roasted vegetables of your choice.

Prevents Bad Breath

Interesting Benefits of Spicy Food
8 Surprising Benefits of Spicy Food

Spicy items like hot peppers serve as a breath freshener and hence improve the breath odor. This is why it’s not surprising that people who eat hot peppers and other spicy stuff manage to keep their special someone attracted to them. You can also eat cinnamon in any form to keep bad breath at bay.

Keeps Gut Healthy

Very few people know that gut health is connected to their taste buds. Whenever you eat hot items, capsaicin attaches itself to a receptor found in the digestive tract and creates the chemical anandamide which reduces inflammation in the gut. This eventually keeps the gut strong and healthy.

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