7 Spicy Chinese Food Dishes

Spicy Chinese Food Dishes For Chinese Cuisine Lovers

Chili forms one of the crucial ingredients of several cuisines and Chinese cuisine is one of them. Chinese chefs use the heat from chilies to spice up their wide range of dishes. Although the spicy dishes are made throughout China, the spiciest versions come from regions like Yunnan, Sichuan, and Chongqing. Here are some spicy Chinese food dishes you should give a try:

Dan dan Noodles

The authentic dan dan noodles served as one of the popular foods on the street of China are noodles served with chili black bean paste as well as pork. The bowl contains sauce at the bottom and noodles on the top topped with cilantro, scallions, and peanuts. Other versions of this Chinese food also incorporate sugar and peanut paste. Mix the noodles up and gulp them down. You won’t need any soy sauce or wasabi for this dish as it is spicy to the core!

Spicy Chinese Food Dishes
7 Spicy Chinese Food Dishes

Hongshao Rou

Hongshao rou can’t be missed when it comes to spicy Chinese food dishes. The dish is prepared with pork belly in combination with veggies or chicken eggs. The ingredients of this Chinese recipe include chili peppers, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, rice wine, and aromatic spices. A lot of Chinese states include sugar in this recipe so that people who don’t eat spicy food can have it without bothering about the heat. This pork dish has a sticky and thick sauce and its meat melts in the mouth very easily.

Gan guo

Gan guo or dry pot is the dish containing lots of meat, tofu, and veggies that are stir-fried and served in a wok. The dish also has an abundance of onions, green chili peppers, ginger, and garlic to make it as spicy as one could. This dry version of the hot pot has just enough sauce that helps moisten the ingredients. One among spicy Chinese food dishes out there that’s definitely worth trying!

Kung Pao Chicken

This Chinese chicken recipe includes chicken prepared with chili peppers, vegetables, and peanuts. This classic Sichuan dish can also include cashews instead of peanuts. The Guizhou version of this dish is made by frying ciba chili paste and then stirring in the chicken alongside onions, ginger, and garlic. In the western countries, this chicken dish is also known as chicken chili that has marinated chicken fried in some juice or chicken broth along with vegetables. A decent amount of pepper, salt, and sugar are also added to the dish.

Hunan Beef

Hunan which is one of the largest suppliers of Chinese beef is known for its beef dish called Hunan spicy beef. Known for its delicious and spicy taste, the dish is prepared with beef cooked with chili paste or deep-fried chili peppers. It is different from Szechuan beef as it is hot and spicy while the latter is somewhat sweet in taste.

Jiu Gong Ge

Easy & Spicy Chinese Food Dishes
7 Spicy Chinese Food Dishes

Jiu Gong Ge is a 9-grid wet hot pot dish that has nine sectors or squares, each with a different ingredient. The ingredients can range from different meats like chicken, frog meat, pork, and lobsters to noodles, veggies, and rice. The spice level of each sector is also different from another. Generally, the center sector is kept the spiciest.

Kou Shui Ji

Also known as saliva chicken or mouthwatering’ chicken, the dish includes chicken served in chili oil sauce. This dish includes plenty of ingredients including sesame seeds, red chili flakes, scallions, ginger, peanuts, garlic, cinnamon, and peppercorns. The cooking of Kou Shui Ji is also done with rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, and chicken stock. You can replace chicken with frog meat or pork.

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